I need a printer

Hi experts

I'm looking for a printer which should match the following requirements
- output volume: ca. 6000-7000 pages per month at approx. 4% page covering (black) and less than 1% color
- approx. 60% color / 40% black and white (pages)
- A4
- duplex
- cheap maintenance
- fast (we are printing invoices)
- I would like a dedicated machine, meaning no scanner/fax etc. just a plain printer
- price max. 3000$
- no solid ink

Hope this is enough information.

I had already a look at the following printers
- HP 4700dtn, toner seems pretty expensive (and I don't really like HP-printers)
- OKI c710, seems interesting, is cheaper to buy and to maintain
- Xerox Phaser 6360, initial costs are between the OKI and the HP, and the consumable seems pretty reasonable priced, given the fact that they last much longer then the ones for OKI/HP.

What would you recommend?

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ArikaelAuthor Commented:

I just got word that that the color printer is not an option. So I'm looking for a black/white printer with the same specs.
max. Price should drop to 2000$
Look at the Xerox Phaser 4510 (45 ppm), or for top speed, the HP LJ P4515 (60 ppm). Both will do everything you need.

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ArikaelAuthor Commented:
thanks for your answer, I'll have a look at it.

What do you think about OKI?
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For reliability and performance I'd stick with HP or Xerox. However, Oki have a printer (the 6300?) that uses a similar print engine to the Phaser 4510 but only runs at 34 ppm. If that is sufficient then that is also an option.
ArikaelAuthor Commented:
so, is it correct to assume that the OKI 6500 is very similiar to the 6300
ArikaelAuthor Commented:

I checked the the printers you mentioned.
HP and Xerox are priced similiar and even the maintenance costs are very similar (with HP slightly cheaper)
the Hp is faster and can manage bigger paper trays.
Which brand is more reliable in your opinion?
I have no experience with Xerox only with HP. And those are experience range from good too pretty awful.
Generally if HP printer work they do a good job, but as soon as problems arise, it gets annoying, unhelpful support, very long waiting time for an important spare part.

Which printer would you buy?
I was not aware of the Oki 6500. Being 45 ppm it has the same engine as the Phaser 4510.

As for reliability, I have had some issues with the HP P4515, but not with the Xerox 4510. I have had a lot of experience with the Phaser 4510 (and even more with the 34 ppm version, which is not available in Europe or the US), and found them very reliable indeed. Xerox' support (in Australia at least) is also far better than HP's.
ArikaelAuthor Commented:
Again thank you :-)

How does it come, that Oki is that much cheaper (even in maintenance) than HP or Xerox?
less reliable?
ArikaelAuthor Commented:
I forgot:
What issues did you have with the HP?
I have had no real problems with Oki but support may not be as good (at least here). I'm not sure why they're cheaper, it could simply be that premium brands like HP & Xerox are able to charge a premium price.

The P4515s have failed in a number of ways: paper jams and network issues.
ArikaelAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your great help.

I think we'll buy the Xerox Phaser 4510
ArikaelAuthor Commented:
Just a note, maybe it is of some help to others.

After the Xerox printer was not available (we would have had to wait aprox 2 months).
I decided to buy an OKI B6500, well I don't regret it (so far ;) )
Very fast, good support, good print quality.
ArikaelAuthor Commented:
oh, another note
one annoying thing you should know:
You can't download and install firmware by yourself. A OKI-Tech has to do it
well it didn't cost anything, but it is a stupid thing, because our printer wasn't able to print at all before the firmware update. Since it everything works like a charm
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