Parsing a HTML from the Internet with ASP.NET

I need to load and parse an HTML file from a website.
I found a .NET project called "HTML Agility Pack" that lets me parse HTML easily, but not while they're still online. In other words, I can't specify an URI or URL as a file location (Same goes for the FileInfo constructor in C# Syste.IO namespace).

So instead, I'm guessing I have to download the file first, but I need to handle the download with server side code.

To put things into perspective, I am building a web service that must generate an XML file from a HTML site thats full of dropdowns (the webservice will be used internally by the university that have asked me to do this for them). I can't have direct access to the database from which the HTML page is getting its data, therefore the cumbersome workaround.

What the best way to do this? Thank you.
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lharrispvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
HTTP Web Request.  Uses an HTTP Request to return the page for you and I think you might actually be able to get it to retrun in XML format already.
well if you can't have access to the database, get in touch with the DB admin at the campus and have him create an interface/service that will allow you to get the data before you go through what they are asking...It will be tedious...
by the way, I worked at an university where I wasn't allowed to touch the db, so I would go the route of gettin the DB admin to create API's for me to connect to retrieve the data as I just suggested.  That's more than reasonable...
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Todd GerbertConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:
System.Net.WebRequest webRequest = System.Net.WebRequest.Create("");
System.Net.WebResponse webResponse = webRequest.GetResponse();
System.IO.StreamReader reader = new System.IO.StreamReader(webResponse.GetResponseStream());
string theHtml = reader.ReadToEnd();
Hmm looks like the same thing I said..
Todd GerbertIT ConsultantCommented:

I just hadn't seen your post yet.
Sorry.. its just the last 3 or 4 posts I have made to this group I have been the first poster and then someone came along later said the same thing in a different way and wound up getting the points....makes it hard to get your months quota :-\
uhm179Author Commented:
I'm gonna split the points between iharrispv and tgerbert.

iharrispv, I would've assigned all the points to you but the page you linked to contained a bunch of code that I'd have to pick apart first to find exactly what I was looking for. tgerbert provided the bit of code that gave me an idea of what kind of code I had to look out for. Had you combined the link with a quick code example (due to the nature of the link), then it would have been perfect.
I don't know the nature of your other posts, but in this specific example, I can easily imagine someone else giving full points to tgerbert simply because many may prefer code over links (to code).

hehe, yah I'd prefer direct access to the database, but my chef doesn't like the idea. I guess he has his reasons.

Thank you for your help guys.
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