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Who IsThe Owner- Exchange/Outlook Folder

bazooka9265 asked
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Last Modified: 2012-05-07
We are running Exchange Server 2007 with clients using various versions of Outlook. I need to give a new employee access to a folder (a shared calendar.) I cannot learn who is the folder owner (creator of the calendar) and, I believe, only the owner can add and/or remove users' access.
How can I find out who is the owner. It may be someone who is no longer here.
Thanks in advance.
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Is the calendar a public folder?

You can use get-publicfolderpermissions from a command shell to figure out who has what permissions.

If it's a user calendar, you should be able to search for the person's name on the calendar in you address book.

get-publicfolderclientpermission -identity 'pathofpublicfolder' | fl

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Yes, the calendar is a shared public folder. I entered your command in Exchange Shell as "\\School Admin Calendar" and it showed that there was no such folder. I used '   ' instead of "   " as well as without the \\ and same reply. I also tried without the spaces between the words. Same thing.
Any other suggestions? I logged in as several people who, I thought, might be the owner but they had a lesser permission.


Was I supposed to put a space I space fl at the end of the command string?
It's not an "I" it's a | (a pipe, shift+\) | fl will send the results to a formatted list, and make it much easier to read.

Here is what i do on mine:

get-publicfolderclientpermission -identity '\it\vacation calendar' | fl

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That worked! I now have a list of users of that file. Most of them are publishing editors and show the person's name. The only listing that shows owner doesn't show a name but has

NT User:S-1-5-21-1993962763-1220945662-839522115-1172

How can I find out who this is?
Thank you for your help!!
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I received the reply:
add-publicfolderpermission is not a valid cmdlet



I was able to get in, per your revised instructions, and am now the owner of the folder.!!!!!
Thank you so much for your assistance.
Perhaps I can help you someday in return.


Thanks again!
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