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Read Excel documents with C#

Hi Everybody

I want to read a xsl document from my C# application, i need a string concatenated for each row in the selected sheet,  can give me tips to do this please?
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2 Solutions
add a new reference to the assembly:

Now you have a new namespace: Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel (for short I will call it "Excel")

Create a new application object
Excel.Application appExcel = new Excel.ApplicationClass();

Now a new excel is running in the background.
You can open new worksheets with:
Excel.Worksheets ws = appExcel.Worksheet;
ws .open().

You can find all the documentations here:

These classes are COM classes, therefore you *MUST* release them before quitting (using quit() method) the excel application.
If you don't release all the object, the excel.exe will simply won't quit.

To do that you need to use:

As an example,
lets say that you're using appExcel and ws that I wrote above, than you will have to:

Good Luck!
VeljeanAuthor Commented:
There is not  another way to do this without open Excel?
You can do it with IFilter, but it doesn't ALWAYS work very good...

Using IFilter you can extract text from files that you have IFilter implemented for them.
When you install office, MS also install an implementation of IFilter for office files.

You can get a small demo & source in C# that extracts the text in that article from code project:

As I wrote, it doesn't always work very good in excel.
Just one example, Duplicated cells are being saved once with pointers to these cells, if they are one after the other (I think this pattern is called "lightweight"), so using IFilter you will get this text only once, like it is in the file.

Anyway, that is the only way I know how to do it without opening excel.
VeljeanAuthor Commented:
ok thanks... i will check it out ;)
Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
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