Change the path to the home folder

I need to change the path to the home folder on all the user profile on the domain about 600  is there a way to do a batch or some kind of scrip without having to do one at a time.
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Mike KlineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you do end up going with admodify you would use the following in your profile path
...see screenshot from my test server where the share is changed to new
test on a few accounts first to get a feel for it.

Mike KlineCommented:
How are your users setup on their home folder.
Is it something like \\servername\sharen\%username%
and now it is chaning to \\Newserver\share\%username%  
Admodify is a good tool for this (easy to undo changes if you need to)
leod1Author Commented:
Now it something like \\servername\home\%username%
i need to change it to  \\servername\homedir\%username%
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if you just need to change the path you can do this in a login script.  Did you need to move the old home directory to the new location?
leod1Author Commented:
I  need to change syntax only in AD based on existing home folders
I have two  file servers and users got split between two of them based on login name ex:
\\server1\home\%username% need to be changed to \\server1\homedir\%username%
\\server2\home\%username% need to be changed to  \\sever2\homedir\%username%
mkline71 ...

Is the syntax '%samaccountname%' as in your text
or %'samaccountname'% as in your graphic?
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