Applying grouping filter to sql query from dropdown

Below is some ASP code that lets me search through patient data.  I also can apply filters (date of service, department, etc.).  The one that's giving me trouble is the one for "location".

There's 3 different sites, but within each site there's sub locations.  Example, BIHP-IO and BMHP-IO would belong to BH (among others).  You can see the details in the case statement.


How can I search by location and make (for example) BIHP-OT and BIHP-H come up when I select BH from the drop down?  Right now it's sending the "BH" as the filter, and that's not a real location.

My complete code is attached.
			<select id="location" name='location'>
				If varSearchLoc <> "" then
					Response.Write("<option value='" & varSearchLoc & "'>" & varSearchLoc & "</option>")
					Response.Write("<option value=''>--Choose--</option>")
					Response.Write("<option value=''>--Choose--</option>")
				End If
				<option value='BH'>BH</option>
				<option value='EC'>EC</option>
				<option value='HD'>HD</option>

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I would try a nested query

strlocationsearch = "select * from table where location_table in (select sublocation from location_table where location = " & varSearchLoc  &" )"

Query may need work

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If I understand your question, you might want to have two DDLs, one dependent on the other. The 2nd one is populated during run time when a selection is made in the 1st one. If this is correct, let me know and I'll provide more specifics with a code example.
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