Radeon X300 does not display two monitors

Working with a Dell Desktop - Optiplex Gx280 with a Radeon X300 card.

Trying to get it to work with two monitors.

We have a splitter for the card with the two plugs labeled 1 and 2.

We have two Dell monitors (analog) and two analog (blue) video cables.

When we plug monitor 1 into the splitter connector #1, monitor #1 displays fine.  If we disconnect monitor 1, and then...

Plug monitor 2 into the splitter connector #1, monitor #2 displays fine.

Each monitor has its own analog cable... and the above exercise tells me that both the cables and monitors are functioning fine.

HOWEVER, when we plug Monitor 1 into spltter connector 1, and monitor 2 into connector 2.  Only monitor 1 lights up.  

If we reverse the connections on the spliiiter (monitor 2 into plug 1 and monitor 1 into plug 2)... only monitor 2 lights up.

When I right click on the desktop, it confirms that I have already selected "extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor.

Also, from a remote connection,  I can see the two monitors fine... which tells me the Radeon card is working fine... it is the hardware, or software of the radeon that is affecting the connection of anything to the number 2 port on the splitter.

Is there another suggestion somewhere?
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Yeah, I have had a problem with the X300 card in an older optiplex.  First just try to turning off the computer, taking out the video card and reseating it (just plug it back into the PCI or AGP port).  Did you install the drivers off the cd that came with the video card?
Have you tried doing it using the ATI software?

At work I had a similar problem with an ATI card (cant remember which - But i remember it had a heat sink instead of a fan) and it was because the card did not support dual monitors through a splitter. It would only work if you used The VGA port and the S-Video into a TV screen.
I think your splitter is defective.

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When splitting a VGA signal this way, you lower the signal voltage, which is expected to be around 0.7 volts. When the voltage drops too low, some monitors won't sense it and display the signal. Some video cards may not output enough current to overcome this, so a powered video amplifier may be necessary, or a different video card.
Tomster2Author Commented:
We just recently tried adding the second monitor... using the existing drivers.  When that didn't work, I downloaded the latest drivers... which give us the same result.


Under Device manager, in the display adapter section I see:

Radeon X300/x550/x1050 series [display adapter]
Radeon X300/x550/x1050 series [secondary display adapter]

Is this normal?  Or should one of them be disabled.

Under the monitor section I see entries for both of the monitors:

Dell Exxxx
Dell Exxxx

They are identical monitors, I just don't recall the model number at the moment... but it appears that the system is aware that there are two of them.

If you see two items in device manager, are there two physical ports on the card?  If so, this is normal, and why not connect each monitor to a separate port, instead of using a splitter?
If the 'splitter' came with the card it may BE two seperate ports.
I have several card with that kind of splitter.
[Which isn't really a 'splitter' but people call it that.]
That's what I thought he was working with.

If your splitter only allows two -identical- displays then Callandor is right.

Yes, I've seen those DMS-59 ports with two cables coming out of them, and they are really two separate connectors, like this http://www.ascendtech.us/itemdesc.asp?ic=VCATIRADX300128. However, I've never seen one for VGA connectors; these are for DVI only.
I've had a number of different models of Maxtrox with DMS-59 -> 2 VGA.
When I was looking to find one [the cable] Dell kept showing up as having a PN for them too.

Tomster2Author Commented:
The card on this machine has only one port.  The "splitter" came with it.

I talked to Dell and they are sending replacement for the "splitter".  

It should be here tomorrow... stay tuned....
Tomster2Author Commented:
Dell sent a replacement out... one was for DVI, the other for VGA.  These are analog monitors so we hooked up the new VGA and the second monitor lit up immediately.

Note: we had previously removed and reseated the old splitter with no improvement... so it appears that something in the splitter was the issue.

Thanks to all for the feedback and suggestions... but PCBONEZ had the solution so he gets the points.
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