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accept email on Exchange from internal smtp server

ryan80 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-07
I have a monitoring program that sends out email through the smtp server built into Windows 2003.  I have changed over to an internal Exchange server and now the email from the monitoring program is not longer received.  It is probably a very easy to solve.

I just need the Exchange server to be able to accept mail from this SMTP server. The DNS MX records are correct and point to the front end mail server internally.  The email is being sent from monitoring@mydomain.com. I am guessing that it is being denied since reverse DNS does not work and there is now spf record.  How do I solve this? can I set up the exchange server as a smart host so it will relay the mail back to itself?
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You will need to edit the settings of you monitoring application or the built in SMTP server to relay messages through your exchange server. You will also need to make sure your exchange server allows this computer to use it as a relay.

What OS versions and exchange versions do you use? I may be able to provide you with more detailed instructions.


I am using Windows 2003 and Exchange 2003. I have already set up Exchange to allow relaying from the monitoring server's IP address in the settings for the Default SMTP virtual server.  

I tried setting the exchange server as the smart host for the smpt server built into Windows 2003 on the monitoring server, but it didnt seem to work.
In properties of the SMTP server, go to the Delivery tab, then click advanced.

In your smart host settings, make sure you do not check "Attempt Direct Delivery Before Relaying to smarthost". Make sure you have the local FQDN of your exchange server (exchang1.domain.local) or it's IP address in brackets []

Check your exchange server's logs, or the logs on your monitoring server's SMTP service to see if/why things don't make it through.


I tested the monitoring server and it sends out email through the Exchange server. However it is only succesfull sending out email to other domians, not our own domain.  So there has to be something on the Exchange server blocking it.

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That sounds like a good reason, where exactly would I add this?


thanks, it was the monitor box. the domain was the same as the exchange server, so it wasnt delivering internal email to the exchange server.
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