Share a folder to everyone in windows 2003 eviroment ?

Hi Experts,

I have 20 servers in a same LAN, I created a folder called 'myshare' in server_A, I log in server_B and use 'map network drive' to map the folder, is there any ways that I can set it map automatically for all users?.  I'd like users login in any servers, they will see that mapped drive in 'My Computer' under 'Network Drives' automatically instead of use 'Map Network Drive' to map it manually.

There are about 200 users in AD.


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SJCAAuthor Commented:
plus I share 'myshare' folder to everyone.
Utilize a logon script, such as a batch file or Kixtart.  In the script you'd have something along the lines of:

net use P: \\server_A\myshare.

This will map P: (substitute the drive letter of your choosing) to your share when users log in removing the need to manually map.
SJCAAuthor Commented:
I have created a batch file called mapdrive.cmd, but where do I have to put it ?

Other question, I head people said that we can use group policy to do this but not sure how to get it done thru group policy, any suggestions or ideas ? I just wanna to compare which way is easy/safe/possible for my environment. Thanks a lot.
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deroodeSystems AdministratorCommented:
A login script can be configured on each user account on the Profile tab. The usual place for a logon script is in the Netlogon share.

You can also provide login scripts through a group policy. Create a new group policy, and put your script in User settings - Windows  Settings - Scripts (logon/logoff)
SJCAAuthor Commented:
Hi there,

It's getting very close, I was able to add the patch file (mapdrive.cmd) to new group policy under User Configuration-Windows Settings -Scripts(logon). But it comes up with  another problem, I only want to apply that patch file to marketing group but not all groups. How do I do that ? Thanks.
Put the Marketing users in their own security group (if they aren't already) and apply the policy only to that group via filtering.  Attached is a screenshot of filtering if you are using GPMC.MSC to manage your policies.

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SJCAAuthor Commented:
Got it! Thanks.

I usually use 'Administrative Tools' on my wins XP to connect to domain controller for most of purposes. But I don't see 'group policy managment' console in 'Administrative Tools', I have to log in to the domain controller to able to use gpmc. Is that truth that gmpc is not in 'Administrative Tools' ? Thanks.
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