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2 NICs - Remote Desktop - Windows 2000 Server

Dannytech asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-05

I have a Windows 2000 server with 2 NICs.  The 1st NIC is connected to a VPN router with the IP, Subnet and Gateway for that router.  The VPN connection works fine.

The 2nd NIC is setup with an IP address and Subnet - NO Gateway - for the Internal network.

I am trying to connect to the Windows Server via Remote Desktop Connection from a Vista Business Laptop.

In our Test environment the server was setup this way and from the Internal network or outside by VPN connection to our internal network I was able to Remote Desktop to this server.

The server and the VPN Router moved to our production environment - same setup.  The 1st NIC has the same settings for the VPN Router.  The 2nd NIC is setup with the Internal IP and Subnet only - NO Gateway for the Internal Network in our production environment at our production facility.  If I VPN to our production facility and try to Remote Desktop it tries and comes back with This computer cannot connect to the remote computer.  In checking the IP address that I am coming in on via the VPN is getting to the port of this 2nd NIC.  The 2 NIC can ping other servers on the same subnet and vice versa, RDC just won't connect.

Is there a way to make this work in our production facility as it did in our test environment?
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This is a standalone Windows 2000 server
We have other Windows 2000 servers and Windows 2003 Servers.  The other servers are on the same internal network but have 1 NIC card.  I can RDP to all of them and ping them when I VPN in.
the administrator is the only user
I just tried to ping this server while on the VPN to our production facility and I can ping our other servers but not this one.  I had not tried it that way.
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I do not see Windows Firewall in Win 2000 Server.  
Yes from a Windows 2003 server at our production facility I was able to remote desktop in via the command line.  
2 Windows 2000 servers would not recognize the mstsc command.  They don't appear to have that file installed.

try installing that on the 2000.

so internally rdp works its just external. How about vpn internally


I am having our production facility see if we need to add a "special" access rule in this situation to the firewall that once connected to the VPN to allow connecting [rdp] and ping to this server on this internal network.
Yes internally to this server rdp works.  There is no external access to this server.  The only access to this server outside of our production facility is through the VPN.  
At our production facility if I connect into our cabinet with the correct IP address and then access the VPN it will not be a true test.  The IP I would need to change my laptop too would be the same as the internal network the servers are on.  Therefore rdp would work without being connected to the VPN.
When we connect via the VPN to our production facility a different internal network than our servers internal network IP address is assigned.  The firewall at our production facility allows these different internal networks to talk to each other.  

you proved out that your  rdp works so that means its vpn. I imagine its the PPTP protocol or the vpn serve/ firewall has blocked port 3389. can you telnet on that port?


In checking with our production facility further not having a gateway on the 2nd NIC is what should be causing the issue.  Without that gateway the 2nd NIC can't go out.  With 2 NICs on the server we can't have 2 disjoint network gateways.  That should cause other issues because the server won't know which NIC to use...
  Internally the servers on the same network on the same switch can talk to each other without a gateway which is why rdp worked from a server in the cabinet on the same network.  
They are going to look into seeing if the network we are assigned when we VPN to our production facility can be in our situation the same internal network that the servers are on.  In theroy that should make it to where a gateway is not needed and therefore it can connect as 2 computers on the same switch.
can you not add static routes.
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should be a option to close the question lookin  your control panel
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