options to upgrade my processor; I have a netvista 8303-k64

just want to know if its possible to upgrade processor on this machine...I know it has low wattage but I may add mor power...
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2.8GHz is the maximum you can increase too.

3.06GHz i had problems with.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
The NetVista 8303 shipped with several different motherboards ... some were 400MHz FSB only; some were 400/533MHz ==> and they support CPU's up to the 3.06GHz Northwood, but only for selected models.

Look on your system and find the detailed model # ==> if it's an E1U, E1F, E1S, E1P, E2U, CJU, or CJJ then you can use a 533MHz FSB 3.06 Northwood Pentium-IV. If it's not one of those model #'s, then look at the details for other model numbers here to see exactly which CPUs your system supports:
http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/MIGR-43020.html [The Processors section is about 1/6th of the way down the page]

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As to the 8303-k64 that was CLEARLY SPECIFIED BY THE ASKER.....
... it supports 533MHz FSB and Willimante or Northwood CPU's. [ 256k or 512k cache. ]
Came originally with a 2.4GHz Northwood [512k].

Your 2.4Ghz is about a 58 watt CPU. [I'm rounding the watts up here, so 'about'...]
The 3.06 gary suggested is about 82 watts and a better cooler might be a good idea.
Next down is a 2.8Ghz with is about 69 watts.

Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
-k64 was indeed clearly stated ==> but it's not listed in the models shown on the IBM documentation page I listed, so it wasn't clear WHICH of the Northwoods are supported.    Did you find another document that includes the k64?    [The only other one I found simply noted the original 2.4GHz CPU:  http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/MIGR-42671.html, and the service manual (http://download.lenovo.com/ibmdl/pub/pc/pccbbs/netvista_pdf/24p2969.pdf )  lists the same model #s as I listed above for support with the various speed CPUs.]
It's an i845G Chipset.
The i845 variation with the 'G' designator supported 400/533 FSB from day one.
Also note: If you look at your link here....
.... A number of the configurations show the 3.06 GHz used as original.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Yes, I know.    But that doesn't mean they included BIOS support for the faster chips -- I suspect that's why they have the list.     In fact, the release notes for the latest BIOS download for this model (v24KT55A) note that they increased the max CPU speed from 2533MHz to 2800MHz ... so it's not clear just when they added support for the 3.06GHz CPU's  (although the list I posted earlier clearly indicates they did).

solunatec  ==>  What BIOS version does your system have??
>> A number of the configurations show the 3.06 GHz used as original. <<
Obviously they have a BIOS for 3.06GHz.
So, update to the latest BIOS -> Covered...
Whew! - That was Close!
The page showing 3.06 GHz used --> Last modified: 2004-09-28
v24KT55A --> Release Date: 2005-05-08

- It's okay.
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