Disk Image with Ghost 12.0

We have 4 departments in our company, each department requires specific programs and settings. We are interested in creating disk images in order to reduce the time of reinstalling programs, printers, etc. We purchase most of the time 10 to 20 laptops, we need to be able to use a program like Ghost for creating the disk images but we are not familiarized with the procedures involved.

I observed several questions and answers regarding the same theme but I did not found what I need. I need a detailed procedure of how to create the disk image, how to use Sysprep for chaging the SID and Computer Name, etc. Step by Step process.

Can anyone help me?

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I haven't spent much time with sysprep but you can in fact use Ghost (or actually I like Backup Exec System Recovery, similar) and restore using the Ghost (or BESR) recovery CD and then run a program called NEWSID then join domain.  I do it a lot with virtual machines.
So you need help with both Sysprep and ghost? Be more specific you want step by step instructions starting with sysprep and finishing up with a complete system imaged and ready to go?
Before we start do you have sysprep downloaded? Did you try to look at what's in there and get yourself familiarized?
Do you have ghost installed and ready to go? It should be installed on a computer/server you want to use as your imaging server with a lot of free storage space. It can be any computer with large hard drives/storage and hopefully somewheat fast one.
Get to know the Ghost boot wizard. That's going to be your starting point.
I'm glad to help you but at the same time you have to let me know where you are so I can continue giving directions from where you are instead of typing pages of instrucitons.
mmoralesprAuthor Commented:
I understand that I need sysprep in order to change the SID. I would like to prepare the new image with sysprep and then use Ghost to prepare the image. Also, I need to know the restoration process. Maybe you can provide me a faster or better solution.

I tried to search on the web regarding this process but I did not find the procedures involved, just the ideas.

I have Norton Ghost 12.0 retail, I do not know if I can make the images remotely from a server as you mention with this version of ghost. Maybe I will need an enterprise edition.

Right now, I have Norton Ghost installed on the new machine that I would like to image. I have the Sysprep application provided on Windows XP CD.

I am open to hear any recommendations.


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Ghost should work from a networked image.  No need for sysprep if you just run NEWSID on each machine after creation and before joining a domain.

I use Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery which as far as I can tell is just a corporate-version of Ghost.  But basically you can test w/Ghost just boot up the recovery CD and connect to network, tell it you want to restore a computer and browse network for the image.

Easiest way to figure this out is to simply make an image and restore it. :)  If you don't have a machine handy can use a virtual machine altho the one problem with that may be that ghost recovery may not have the network adapter to use with that to restore over the network.
Ghost 12 does not ahve the options that you need, since i will not work in DOS mode.

You need to buy Ghost Solution Suite and the # of licenses for your machine

That will include the option to create bootable cDROM that can do a local or network backup/ restore.

I hope this helps !
btw Backup Exec System Recovery Desktop Edition will do the network recovery.  In fact, the recovery disk for it will work with images created by Ghost.  It costs around $60.
mmoralesprAuthor Commented:
One more important thing, I do not have a Windows XP volume license, we have individual licenses. How do we change the license once we recover the image on the new machines?
That's a problem.  Much better idea to use VLK.  Likely XP will prompt for a license tho and you'll enter then one that goes with that machine. :)

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Two things you can do. Either change the Windows Key after you image the systems using this little app:
or you can leave out the key during the sysprep, so it will promt you during the first boot after the system has been reimaged.
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