Pop email not working after replacing sonic wall router

Hello Guys

I can't seem to get my pop3 email to work.login to pop3 server works for users but it fails at smtp login. I tested telnetting to the smtp port and it works. It started after I had my router replaced therfore I had to setup all the port forwarding rules. everything works except for pop 3 email. Like I can use outlook web access , the company users can send and recieve emails to external users. Only some users who use pop email does not have it working.

I have a sonic wall router and this is what i did for email part. created a service group and added all the email related services to it. like pop3 smtp, pop3 ssl and smtp ssl and forwarded them all to the lan address of the exchange address. Except for outlook, i setup a seperate service outlook web access and forwarded it to the corresponding server.

Is there any thing obvious I am missing out here. Could some one help me out here.

Please thanks
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HansafConnect With a Mentor Commented:
check to make sure what port is smtp setup on your exchange server, I am assuming it is exchange 2007. some times it could  be using port 583. Also you can try removing the smtp service from the group and creating a new port forward rule for this on eservice only

hope it helps
ashjuvAuthor Commented:
thanks it worked , it was port 583 as you suggested.
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