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Event ID: 1593 Source: CTXCPUUtilMgmt

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-11
I have 5 servers in my farm all running Citrix PS 4.5 on windows server 2003. On 1 of the server I am getting this error with Event ID: 1593 and Source: CTXCPUUtilMgmt
Does anyone have a solution to this problem as it is logging 2 errors per sec in my event log.
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Robin CMSenior Security and Infrastructure Engineer

What's the text of the event?
Does it do it when there are no users on the box after a reboot?
After a reboot, how long is it before it starts logging it? Does the first instance of the event coincide with anything else happening (user logon maybe?).
Do you have R04 hotfix rollup installed? If not, what level of hotfix are you running?


Description: CPU Utilization Management cannot determine the owning user of the session associated with process 67208. (I dont know what process is this)
Windows system message: A close operation is pending on the session.
We dont have any hot fix installed. We have service pack 2006.10
I am not able to track instance of the event coinciding with this but it just keeps logging this error in the event log all day long.
Senior Security and Infrastructure Engineer
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I have the same service pack on all other servers and they are running fine. Only this particular server is giving this problem. Is there a solution without installing hotfix or anything just tweaking some settings.
Robin CMSenior Security and Infrastructure Engineer

Not to my knowledge, sorry.


Anyways thanks a lot for your time and help. I will probably go for latest hotfix then.
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