RAD 2007 Codegear - Help (F1) gives error

Dear Experts,

I've got RAD 2007 installed on Windows 7.
It is working nicely but for example: when selecting a component and hit the F1 key I gives the following error: see attached screenshot.... :)

I've reinstall and did a repair/modify.

Please advise.
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Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
is Delphi help totally not working with Windows 7
or just for some types of help

Hitting F1 and opening it from the menu is 2 different things
Does it open when using the help menu / delphi help (or index)

Hitting F1 within some area, is more precise, the help looks for a specific help file and then looks for help content in there.
If the specific help file is not located in the Table of contents then you may need to rebuild the help system

Besides that, there is a note on the first page of the help


Some features described in this help system are not available in all editions of the product.

If your Internet access is limited by network security, or if your computer is protected by a personal firewall, the Web-based links in this help system might not function properly.

For information on how to use this help system, see the Microsoft Help on Help.

Marius0188Author Commented:
When trying to open from Help>Codegear Help I get following problem.
See screenshot.

I've search the Codegear directory and the CD1 for RAD for the missing file but it does not exist.
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
Did you install the help too ?
You can choose to not install it ...
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Marius0188Author Commented:
By default the Help files is checked for installation.
And I have not changed that, so yes I did install them.
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
look in the doc dir
for a H2REG_Log.Text and H2Reg.Ini
in the ini is declared what is installed and what is not
do you see the bds5start.HxS file mentioned ?
or is it beginning with a ";" ?
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
in the log file you should see something like this:

11:31:11   [Reg_Title] - Lines To Process = 220
11:31:11     <nsName>="embarcadero.rs2009"
11:31:11     <TitleID>="intro"
11:31:11     <LangID>=""
11:31:11     <HxS_HelpFile>="C:\Program Files\CodeGear\RAD Studio\6.0\Help\Doc\bds5start.HxS"
11:31:11     <HxI_IndexFile>="C:\Program Files\CodeGear\RAD Studio\6.0\Help\Doc\bds5start.HxS"
11:31:11     <HxQ_QueryFile>=""
11:31:11     <HxR_AttrQueryFile>=""
11:31:11     <HxsMediaLoc>=""
11:31:11     <HxqMediaLoc>=""
11:31:11     <HxrMediaLoc>=""
11:31:11     <SampleMediaLoc>=""
11:31:11    -->Registered OK

Open in new window

Marius0188Author Commented:
Please see screenshot. The file is mentioned. But that file does not exist in the stated directory.
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
Are there any files in that doc directory ?
Marius0188Author Commented:
Yes there are some files.
See screenshot.
Marius0188Author Commented:
Hi All,

I am still not getting the help to work.
Can I download a readable help file somewhere?

Marius0188Author Commented:
Ok looks like I will have to delete this one....
Nobody can help me.
If you are a registered Delphi user you can download a new HxS from

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