How do i make a call using GSM Mobile MODEM connected to MY PC?

How do i make a call using gsm modem (With support of USB cable) connected to my system.
I am doing a project on to send and receive SMS. I just want to know possibilities to develop an application for mobile automation process.
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logic_chopperConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For a SonyEricsson phone you should refer to the following document for the AT command set for SonyEricsson phones.  In this document you can see the full range of automation that can be achieved with these phones.  For example, to make a voice call to another phone, you could issue the ATD command followed by the number.  There are other commands to send/receive SMS messages, etc...
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
My brother is using Nokia's to do exactly what you are doing and I guess the answer depends on what Make / Model of phone you are using.
I won't be able to answer your question, but would think that if you advised if you have a specific phone in mind, then that would be a good starting point for people to assist you .
smanipasu1Author Commented:
Hi alanhardisty,

Thanks for your response.

I am using SonyEricsson w830 and i am designing a application in C#.Net.

Now i can send and receive sms through my gsm mobile modem.

I just want to extend the project to make automatic calls to the list of numbers.


Thanks in advance.

smanipasu1Author Commented:
Hi chopper,

Thanks for this valuable guidence.
I will look into this and reply asap.

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