How Can I Make Users Print Driver Revert to Duplex settings

We would like to make our xerox MFU's revert to duplex on login.

We have a windows 2008 domain and a few thousand users, these users have a xerox printer queue, and the default settings include duplex on.

We would like to allow users to change this setting locally but would liek them to revert to default on login.

We have tried using Kix script on login to remove and add the printer, but it keeps the users settings.

Any Ideas?
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Is the Xerox assigned by Group Policy?
regnighcAuthor Commented:
Nope its added via a kix script on logon
Sorry should have read your post more thoroughly, I'm only familiar with assigning thorugh group policy.
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regnighcAuthor Commented:
No Problem
If your Print driver is being shared from a central server, you should be able to change the properties on the server and when it is pushed to the users it will have those settings as default.
They will still be able to make changes as long as they have the rights, but each time they log in the driver should be set up with the defaults from the server.
regnighcAuthor Commented:
Yes thats exactly what I thought, however the settings stay the same when they relog.

Users dont have manage documents permissions either, but this only happens with our Xerox copiers. Any other model printer and it works fine.

Maybe Xerox driver is limited, any other suggestion?

I have already tried using script to insert settings into the registry however, the settings are stored in the Current users NTUSER.DAT hive and data cannot be merged into that while the current user is logged on.

On the server you need to go to the properties > option tab. There you will want enable the "write defaults to driver configuration file" To learn more about what this is and how it works please see the Xerox customer tips document found here:

If you are not using the Xerox Global print driver, you should really look into for your Xerox and non Xerox  printers. More info can be found here:


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regnighcAuthor Commented:
Excellent clear answer, thank you
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