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setup automatic message on mailbox - Exchange 2000

tech2010 asked
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Last Modified: 2012-06-27

I have setup a standard mailbox and i want to configure in a way that when someone send email to this address he/she should get automatically a messages someone like e.g. "my email address has now been changed and please contact me on this number ...."

how can i easily achieve this?

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By creating a server side wizard rule..

Go to Outlook, choose Tools --> Rules and Alerts and you should be good to go from there :)


Wouldn't a Out of office do the trick.

Euhm depends..

Out of Office is only send once at a user who sends you an e-mail.. If this is what you are trying to achive, then yes it will work.. You also have the option to add an extra rule to the OoO feature, but then, the first time a user sends a mail he will receive 2 messages which some people can find annoying..


well, out of office does the trick but it shows "out of office" in the subject line which is wrong because the person is not out of office i just want to send auto message to any user who send email on this address. should i try sever side rule in outlook? but will it kick in even when outlook is closed as no one will be using that mailbox.


how can i create server side rule for this? please help to sort this out. This looks simple but just not getting on the rite track.

see this link, it is the same like rhandels's solution::



this tells while configuring the rule to specify the "From address" but how can i know the from address like who is going to send emails to this address?

Nope, you need to create the rule using the TO address, else you cannot see who will send the e-mail to you..
Normally when you start setting up the rules you should start with setting it up with you in the TO address. This way the rule wil always apply.

You can also go for the easier route and use a third party tool.. To be honest, i never used one, but this looks like an ok tool..
Subash SundharanIT Infrastructure Architect

Hope this will help you to create an auto response in outlook.

Outlook > Tools >Rules and Alerts > New Rules >  Click on Check Message when they arrive > Click Next
Again Click Next > It will prompt you that > This rule will be applied to every&&& > Click on Yes

Now Select Have server reply using a specific message > Click on the specific Message link > this will open a message window > type the required message and subject

Now click on save & close. And click next > Here select Except if it is an Out Of Office message
(If this option is not available select except if the subject contains specific words, in this option add the word Out Of Office. This will prevent message looping for Out Of Office messages.

Now click on next and then finish.

Test the auto response.

Note : configuring auto response may cause infinite mail looping, hence you need to monitor the mailbox regularly.
IT Infrastructure Architect
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