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how to pass argument into cacti input field

i am following this article :
so i add the script :

$CURL -m 60 -w "total:%{time_total} dns:%{time_namelookup} connect:%{time_connect} pretransfer:\
%{time_pretransfer} starttransfer:%{time_starttransfer}" -o /dev/null -s $1

NOw, as this article said,
" So the complete Input string is: /home/cactiuser/measure.sh <url> "

so i put this way : /root/measure <www.domain.com>
but when i am clicking on ADD button its saying

Error: This script appears to have no input values, therefore there is nothing to add.

so, what i am missing ?? what does it mean,?? what do i need to modify the scrept ??

i saw another article :http://forums.cacti.net/about24594.html&highlight=
but i am not clear, what it mean by "adding something like <host> <arg1> etc ?

can any one please help me to understand ??
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1 Solution
I suppose you should add the argument to the script without < >
NOT /root/measure <www.domain.com>
BUT /root/measure www.domain.com
Also, in order to avoid possbile permissions problems, you better place the script a a directory executable by normal users, something like :
and make it executable:
chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/measure
fosiul01Author Commented:
i can conferm you, this script is exectuable, and its not a permission issue ..

Ok i run this script like this in the Shell,

/root/measure www.domain.com

its run, which is execting this script from Shell.

but As far i belvied, cacti will have execute this script ,
so,  if you follow the article i gave, you need to add the script with argument in the cacti

but problem is, its saying the above error
Ok, sorry, I replied without a live check.
I tried the procedure on a fresh installation.

Where it says:
So the complete Input string is: /home/cactiuser/measure.sh <url>
you have to write that without replacing <url> with your example site (that will be defined later)

so leave the input string in the creation of the Data Input Method something like
 /root/measure <url>
( /root/measure must be excutable by cactiuser so maybe it still better to place it somewhere else)

then go on following the article.
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fosiul01Author Commented:
Ok have a look to this picture

accroding to the articled :

1.Gave the Data Input a name of "Apache Curl Query"
2.Changed the Input Type to: "Script/Command"
3.Gave the Input String a complete path to the script of: "/home/cactiuser/measure.sh" followd by <url>
4.So the complete Input string is: /home/cactiuser/measure.sh <url>

5.-Also made sure the script was owned my cactiuser and made sure it was executable.

6.Next I identified 1 Input field and gave it a name of "url" with all defaults.

i have problem with Number 6 line

i am clikign on ADD button, its giving that error

am i doing anything wrong ??
I see
/root/testmeasure.sh <>
should be
/root/testmeasure.sh <url>
fosiul01Author Commented:
you know what, i tryed this

/root/testmeasure.sh <url>

but it didnto work before, but now i tryed again, its took me to Input field section!!!!

but where the domain name will go ??!!!
have a look the second picture

normaly this script runs like this

./testmeasure.sh www.domina.com

so this domainname.com will go to input fields i guess, is not it ??
fosiul01Author Commented:
ok ignore my previous post of inputfield

give me little bit of time, let me finish rest of the section, i will come back

i know, you have solved my problem, but just give me little bit of time,
fosiul01Author Commented:
Ok i guess i am having the same problem

graph is not commiing,

the author fixed it by doign this

it was indeed the default max value being zero. One I flipped it to 100 my graphs started showing.

but do you have any idea , where to set this value ??

i am in in cacti
Should be:
Maximum Value
The maximum value of data that is allowed to be collected.
in the Data Source Item module.
But actually even if set to 100 it doesn't graph also on my test install :-I
fosiul01Author Commented:
yap you are right ...

check in your


directory if the rrd file has been created or not

i will be off for 1 hours
then i will check again

looks like we are gettign there
fosiul01Author Commented:
any  luck mate ??

i did some investigaion,

i know the rrd is gathering withi all data
i can create png file manually
but dont know why its not comming to graph
fosiul01Author Commented:
Ok i will close this question, as you gave my initiall answer, i will open another one, if you are upto that, try to give me a solution
I still have the same problem: data is gathered, rrds are created, but graphs are not shown.
I suspect that the values gathered are somehow "out of range":
                        <!-- 2009-07-08 22:05:00 CEST / 1247083500 --> <row><v> 1.7006666667e-02 </v></row>
                        <!-- 2009-07-08 22:10:00 CEST / 1247083800 --> <row><v> 1.7993333333e-02 </v></row>
but still haven't figured the solution :-I
fosiul01Author Commented:
i have create another question

keep on eye, see what other people say
fosiul01Author Commented:
one thing is wired
 rrdtool info localhost_connect_16.rrd

filename = "localhost_connect_16.rrd"
rrd_version = "0003"
step = 300
last_update = 1247088602
ds[connect].type = "GAUGE"
ds[connect].minimal_heartbeat = 600
ds[connect].min = 0.0000000000e+00
ds[connect].max = NaN
ds[connect].last_ds = "0.123"

ds[connect].max = NaN : why its NAN ??
fosiul01Author Commented:
Ok solved!!

Graphmanagement->Select the Graph->Edit graph item->select graph item type to Line1

it will show you the graph
Yeah, it works!
Thank you for letting me discover this new twist to cacti monitoring :-)
fosiul01Author Commented:

it took me 4 hours to find out it would be LINE
good luck with cacti
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