How do I change the text of a label control in custom Excel ribbon created with VSTO?


I've created a custom tab in Excel ribbon with VSTO, and I'd like to change the text of a label placed in this tab from my add-in code (when user presses the button BtnCHangeWbDest, an input text box may appear and save the value in LblWbDestination).

Would you know how to do that?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<customUI xmlns="" loadImage="GetImage">
      <tab id="myTab" label="My Tab">
        <group id="GrpCopySheet" label="Copy sheet">
          <button id="BtnCopySheet" label="Copy current sheet" onAction="CopyCurrentSheet"
                  size="large" screentip="Copy current sheet to a workbook." image="copy_doc_excel"/>
          <labelControl id="Label1" label="Destination workbook:" />
          <labelControl id="LblWbDestination" label="No workbook has been selected"/>
          <button id="BtnChangeWbDest" label="Change workbook" showImage="false" onAction="ChangeWbDest"/>

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To dynamically set the text, you can use the GetLabel attribute of the button instead of the Label attribute and set this to the name of a function in the ribbon class code that returns the label text.

in the xml:
<button id="BtnCopySheet"  GetLabel = "GetMyLabelText"   etc

in the class:
Public Function GetMyLabelText(control As IRibbonControl) As String
End Function

That's a VB example but the C# is fairly similar.


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Sorry, just re-read your post. If it's the tab label you want to change, use the GetLabel attribute of the tab.

JulienVanAuthor Commented:
Hi xenacode,

Thanks for your response, it works fine.

Here is a C# example if somebody is look for code snippet: .
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