backup problems

A few days ago my backups have been failing after only 8GB they are usually 595GB. It varies doesn't always fail on 8gb but has not gone over 24gb, fails on 16gb sometimes mostly 8gb though with error E00084ee - invalid command was sent to the storage device. I have looked up the error and the causes are 1. Possible communication issues between the Drive and the SCSI/IDE controller which is evident due to the presence of Event ID 7, 9,11 or 15 Event Log errors. There are none of those errors in the event log.
2. The tape drive/Library is connected to a RAID controller. Which it isn't.

This is an almost brand new tape drive, scsi card and tapes (less than a month old)
Any help would be appreciated.
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Did you open a new box of tapes the day the issue started?

Also, did an update run on the OS when the issue started?

What drivers are you using for the tape drive?

Good Luck,

- gurutc
ditshelpAuthor Commented:
No the tapes are as old as the drive which is about a month old.
Yes there were a lot of updates installed the day before the problems started, 2 updates to microsoft windows (KB955839) and (KB957388). And 20 security updates for microsoft windows.
The drivers are set to use only backup exec drivers for all devices.
I'm thinking maybe the KB957388 update for application compatibility may be an issue.

Also, I'd reinstall the device drivers for the controller and tape drive.


- gurutc
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ditshelpAuthor Commented:
ok uninstalled  KB957388 and reinstalled drivers and still failed with same error, this time only backed up 2gb, seems to be backing up less and less.

You've probably done this, but have you run a cleaning cycle on the tape drive?

Also, has any other hardware been recently installed on the system?  It seems like a timing problem.  Have you looked at the SCSI Bus Settings?  And are there any firmware updates available for the controller and tape drive?

- gurutc
ditshelpAuthor Commented:
So I have upgraded firmware on drive and used a cleaning tape with no success. Still doing the same. No other hardware has been installed, I also tried plugging the scsi cable into another connector on the scsi card. I'm thinking this is maybe a faulty tape drive?
Having the same problem here..

In my case it's a HP storage works internal USB drive, which makes the suggetions on Symantec's site completely useless, as:

1- BE doesn't even have USB drivers (it relies on windows for them)
2- The drive is obviously not connected to a SCSI card

Funny thing is that I was getting this message, and because this particular back up is time sensitive, and when the error occured it would just put the job on hold and then try to back up again when a new tape wa inserted, creating problems with this one database we have running (as it has to be stopped to bebacked up), I put a time limit, so BE would just cancel the job after 7 hours;

Now I don't get that same error message, I just says it was trying nto mount the media for 7 hours, but no error message. Also, since putting the time limit, some days it will actually back up, but other days it will fail, no pattern whatsoever (it's not like Monday's tape, for example, is bad)

If I run the backup manually it always works, it's only when the scheduled back tried to run that I get this problem...


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I can tell you I had exactly the same error at a clients site
IBM X3400
HP ULT3 External Tapedrive
LSI Ultra320 2000 w/1020/1030

Now firstly I'm a tech of 20 years experience so I have researched this and started Symantec case.
Symantec were unable to resolve my issue rare but does happen
My Issue:
Nothing to do with Tape/Drive/Driver/Controller/Firmware of any kind
updated all of them no resolve Until reading an abstract document on the error I was recieving
Firstly my client had BES 10D with a DDS4 tapedrive that simply ran out of space.
So upgrade of tapedrive was required.
BES 10D All service packs - TapeDrive constantly fails backing up data.
BES 12.5 All service packs - TapeDrive constantly fails backing up data
Until I enabled wait for it *Encryption on the Job*
There is no Encryption on 10D!
Unbelievably this fixed all my strange intermittant issues
My backup jobs went from failing 1GIG, 2, GIG to all completing!!
EXPLAIN THAT ONE SYMANTEC! BASTARDS! I wasted an entire day with this and I'm not impressed!
Now to advise the customer they have to buy the upgade to 12.5!
Insane wouldn't believe it UNTIL YOU DO IT AND IT WORKS!!!!
Countless restarts and dodgy regedits eg RetryCount! WALOS!


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