Dell md3000i vs Fujitsu Eternus2000 model 200 for SMB SAN solution...

Hey guys my SMB company is getting ready to move from local storage to a SAN solution. We have a budget of around $8,000. We have a currently virtualized environment that we will be moving on the SAN with about 10 VM's and moving towards building a few more VM's and also virtualizing exchange. We will also be using the SAN device as our file storage. I am planning on mixing SAS drives with SATA drives, SAS for the VM's and SATA for files to keep the price down. I have spoken with our Dell rep and he recommended and quoted out the md3000i. I have seen many positive reviews on this device. I talked with a CDW storage representative and they recommended against the md3000i saying that it was an old architecture and chassy, it had a celeron CPU which would cause problems, and the controller cache memory of 512 would cause problems. They quoted out a Fujitsu Eternus2000 Model 200 for us with the same config (near line SAS drives instead of SATA) for the same price pretty much and said that this device was much better with at least 1-2 GB controller cache memory. I have looked online and can not find any reviews or testimony's for the Fujitsu product. Sooo I was wondering if anyone here has used this product or familiar with it and what information can you give me on it? Is the CDW rep correct on his assessment of the md30001? I am new to attached storage solutions so any other input would be greatly appreciated as well! :)

Thanks in advance for all  your help!

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andyalderSaggar maker's bottom knockerCommented:
You should also throw the HP MSA2312i into your comparison.
The MD300i is a ROCK SOLID iSCSI SAN, at a bargain price.

Be very concerned that the CDW rep was on comission, and possibly quoting specs on Dells MD300 (no i) DAS (not iSCSI) SAN.

I'm currently running 4 Dell 2950s, loaded with 13 VMs each, through two (redundant) Poweredge 54xx iSCSI optimized gig ethernet switches to a singel MD300i with over 4 TB of starage, and 15k RPM SAS drives.

supports heavy use in a critical environment with zero down time, superior support, A firm relationship with VMWAre (dell is a good source for VMware docs)

I intend to buy a few more

monineeAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the reply's.

andyalder-We priced out a MSA2312i through cdw and it was above our budget unfortunately.

dnilson-We are a dell shop and run their servers and are pleased with them.  My main concern is that the controller memory cache is 512 MB on the md3000i and it is 2GB on the Fujitsu so the Fujitsu would have better performance I would think.  I am new to attached storage and have been told that the controller memory cache is an important piece to the performance of the device.  Other than that the hardware seems to be comparable.   Pretty much that is what is stearing me towards the Fujitsu.  I have noticed all the documentation on the md3000i and vmware as well and not really seen anything on the Fujitsu so that is being taken into consideration.  I will need to make a decision on this asap as we have multiple projects waiting on this. :)
What I can tell you is that I have 4TB of VMs, hard running stuff like Exchange, multiple SQL servers 6 Citrix user desktop servers , CAD/CAM systems, a total of 4 2950s running 13 VMs each off the single MD3000i with no hesitation or lag.

If I ever detect any lag in an image, i migrate it to another LUN to ed they keep running like a champliminate VHD fragmentation an

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monineeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the input dnilson, we ended up going with the md300i.
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