dns for parent domain pointed external

My domain is xxx.org for my orgainization.  I have the www pointed to outside address to get to my website.  Im trying to get to my website that sees xxx.org differently than www.xxx.org  I need for my internal xxx.org to go to the same outside ip address.  I have tried the ip address directly, using www in the string, it all comes back.  When i add an a record for the external ip for the parent domain of xxx.org i get the dns server as its the first listed server in nslookup.  the second server is the outside ip address.  How do i get it to see an external ip for my parent domain of xxx.org?????
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jar3817Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You can't do it, and this is a perfect example of why you should never name your AD the same as your real domain name.

xxx.org MUST point to the AD domain controllers or else things like authentication and replication will get screwed up. The only thing you can do is setup IIS on your domain controllers and redirect the user from http://xxx.org to the external http://www.xxx.org there. That way clients type http://xxx.org which goes to the DC, and from there gets redirected to http://www.xxx.org which has the external IP.
Do you have an Active Directory domain also named xxx.org? If so, you can't do it, changing those DNS records will royally screw up your AD.
infranetsupportAuthor Commented:
My active directory domain is xxx.org and the site im trying to reach is http://xxx.org

...also in your original post you said you added an A record for xxx.org to your external IP. REMOVE THAT ASAP, it'll mess with your active directory.
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