Need to set-up RAID on my HP DL120

I have just recieved an HP Proliant DL120 (Model Number 470065-017)

I wanted to setup RAID 1 on this so I added an additonal drive which is all ok but when i book up there is no smartstart RAID setup. I checked out the model number on HP site which says there is no RAID controllers but when speaking with our supplier they had said it def has RAID 0/1 support. (please see attached)

Is there an easy way of finding this information out as the server currently has no O/S so can look up in device manager etc...

If there should be how can i get the Smartstart hardware RIAD setup please

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You'll need to enter the BIOS.  You should see an option to enable Serial ATA RAID.
You dont mention which hardware version you have (they built a LOT of these) but I'm not aware that SATA RAID is supported on all the generations, so without the SAS card, wich is what puts  the bootup prompt to config RAID on the screen anyway, its not happening.

Assuming the generation 5 is correct you can enable that in BIOS, or with the software link provided below otherwise it may not be a gen 5


Service Manual / Specifications

SOftware for configuring the embedded SATA RAID controiller - Server 2003
StevenpjAuthor Commented:
It is a G5.. i put the model number down which if you look on the HP website it is listed there but i jsut can't be sure how to know about the RAID controller

I will take a look at the documentation
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we've bought these thing used

Sometimes there is a RAID controller, other times we've had to buy a card to implement it

Once the RAID is installed, you WILL get a prompt during boot to enable you to setup the RAID

You can check in the BIOS for an enabling setting but if not found and no boot prompt I'd call up and ask them what to buy based on the service tag #
To enable RAID, press F10 during POST to enter the bios, go over to the Advanced Tab.  Under advanced, you'll see hard drive configuration.  That should let you enable RAID.  
Just a heads up, that raid controller isn't the greatest.  You may be better off leaving the drives separate and setting up daily backup images to your other drive.

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Thomas RushCommented:
If it's an Intel chipset as gikkel says (and I suspect he is correct), then odds are very high that it's a software RAID controller, not HW RAID as a SmartArray gives you.   Just be aware.

The ProLiant 100-series are definitely low-cost servers, and don't include things like SmartArray controllers to hit the price point.
Exactly...the onboard raid controller is not a true hardware raid solution and will most likely not be listed in Smartstart (unfortunately I have no experience with Smartstart).  However, it is not to say your server doesnt support RAID, because it does...but its managed by the Intel Matrix Storage Manager embedded in the chipset and more like onboard software raid assisted by hardware, allowing you to run the drives in RAID without an OS.  
This whitepaper does a pretty good job at explaining the differences:
smartstart is only going to show true hardware RAID controllers, not the so called fakeraid (Linux term) on the motherboard
StevenpjAuthor Commented:
This answer was correct
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