ERROR linked server MSDORA ORA-12154, ODBC works

I am trying to link a MS SQL Server 2005 to an oracle 10g database.  I have tried MSDAORA provider and get ORA-12154 "TNS:Could not resolve names"  I have verifiy TNSNAMES.ora is correct and can connect ussing ORACLE ODBC.

I try using ORAOLEDB.Oracle and it gives OLE DB provider "oRAoledb.Oracle" for linked server "PACSTEST" returned message ""  MSG 7303

I have found conflicting answers on web if MSDORA supports 10g
Also I would like to verify MSDAORA is pointed correctly to my ORACLE client

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krush870Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Looks like second reboot resolved the issues.  
krush870Author Commented:
FYI MDAC vs 2.8sp1
Oracle client vs 10.2.0
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