Zebra s4m printer

I am trying to print a label to a S4M printer.  The printer is connected via network to a computer using AS/400.  I am using the AS/400 to print the label in a remote Zebra S4M printer.  When I tried to print the printer display DATA but do not print the label.

What is happenning?
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Hi reyinqu,

Zebra printer are using their own ZPL language. Is your PRTF using that coding ? If not, you found your problem. You'll have to program it under ZPL (http://www.zebra.com/id/zebra/na/en/index/products/printers/industrial_commercial/s4m.html). If so, could you send us your printer definition (OUTQ and DEV) ? In that cas, it might be a setup problem.

Here's a definition of one of my Zebre OUTQ :
SEQ : *FIFO      
RMTPRTQ : 'IP'      
AUTOSTRWTR : 1          
CNNTYPE : *IP        
IMGCFG : *NONE            
INTNETADR: 'xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx '      (where xxx... = the IP address of the printer)
SEPPAGE : *YES            
USRDFNOPT : *NONE            
USRDFNOBJ : *NONE            
USRDRVPGM : *NONE            
SPLFASP        *SYSTEM          

Please, give us more details for more help !


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reyinquAuthor Commented:
IT did not know what to do.  How I check that information, OUTQ and DEV ?
What is PRTF ?
reyinquAuthor Commented:
Until I was just requesting to IT.  Can you tell me how to check OUTQ, ZPL and DEV , so I can check myself ?

To see your OUTQ, just type WRKOUTQ PRT* (if your printer name start with 'PRT'). Then, do option 2 in front of your printer to see the definition (and F11 to see the parameters like INTNETADR in my example).

To see the device, just type WRKCFGSTS *DEV PRT* (if your printer name start with 'PRT'). Then do option 8 and option 2 to see the definition (F11 again to see parameters).

PRTF is Printer file accronym. This is the layout of the printout. That's where you define the header/footer and the main part of your report. If your not familiar with iSeries, I can explain you how to find the PRTF object of your report, but I don't know what you'll be able to do with it... Is it what you really want ?

What is the next step you want to do ?

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