IE6: How do I avoid the blue background color of PNG images in CSS

i am trying to avoid the background blue color in ie6 when we call PNG images.
i have a script that takes care of it when the image is called. but when the
image is called from css it doesnt work. it puts the blue square suggest.
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
 <script language="JavaScript">
	function correctPNG() // correctly handle PNG transparency in Win IE 5.5 & 6.
	   var arVersion = navigator.appVersion.split("MSIE")
	   var version = parseFloat(arVersion[1])
	   if ((version >= 5.5) && (document.body.filters)) 
		  for(var i=0; i<document.images.length; i++)
			 var img = document.images[i]
			 var imgName = img.src.toUpperCase()
			 if (imgName.substring(imgName.length-3, imgName.length) == "PNG")
				var imgID = ( ? "id='" + + "' " : ""
				var imgClass = (img.className) ? "class='" + img.className + "' " : ""
				var imgTitle = (img.title) ? "title='" + img.title + "' " : "title='" + img.alt + "' "
				var imgStyle = "display:inline-block;" + 
				if (img.align == "left") imgStyle = "float:left;" + imgStyle
				if (img.align == "right") imgStyle = "float:right;" + imgStyle
				if (img.parentElement.href) imgStyle = "cursor:hand;" + imgStyle
				var strNewHTML = "<span " + imgID + imgClass + imgTitle
				+ " style=\"" + "width:" + img.width + "px; height:" + img.height + "px;" + imgStyle + ";"
				+ "filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader"
				+ "(src=\'" + img.src + "\', sizingMethod='scale');\"></span>" 
				img.outerHTML = strNewHTML
				i = i-1
	function handleOnload()
	window.attachEvent("onload", handleOnload);
	.bg {background: url("i.png" ) no-repeat left top;}
  <div class="bg">1</div><br />
  <img src="i.png" border="0" />

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Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:
Suggestion #1 please write better titles thant "javascript" (I fixed that for you)
Suggestion #2 Why use PNG for background images. Why not GIF which all browser will understand now and forever
yingwhoAuthor Commented:
thanks mp. any answers guys?
David S.Commented:
Use one of these script instead:

P.S. Why are you using a doctype that doesn't trigger "standards mode"?

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yingwhoAuthor Commented:
hi kram

those are for calling images straight. not for calling images from css.
David S.Commented:
They both work for inline and background images. (And both say that on those pages.)
yingwhoAuthor Commented:
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