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ASA 5505 site to site VPN static route how to or possible workarounds

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-07
Currently I have a site to site VPN setup between 2 ASA 5505's.  The local subnets are for the main location and for the remote location.  The last part of this equation is a vendor router( is located on remote subnet with a connection to a network.

A server at the main location has an IP address of and it will need to talk to the vendor router( in order to reach the network.

How can I get to communicate to the network utilizing the VPN connection to get to

Both ASAs are running 7.2

I know the ASA is cable of some some static routing - is it possible to have a static route traverse the VPN to the router?  What configurations will I need to add to make this work?

If not, what possible workarounds are available to accomplish this easily?  Thanks.

Ideally I would have a static route for via, but this does not appear to be an option with the ASA.  
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Is it possible to do this without changing the default gateway of the server (currently set to the ASA at the main location)?
It seems possible to change the default gateway to a different router and configure that router to point traffic to and that way the ASA would only need to send traffic over to the remote subnet via VPN as it normally does.  Would this work or am I missing something?
Any other configurations/ideas? Thanks


The "same-security-traffic permit intra-interface " seems to indicate a similar setup to above except I could leave the default gateway as is.
So traffic going from the server at the main location to the network would go to the pix and then go to the new router with an address of lets say
So config would be changed to:
same-security-traffic permit intra-interface
route inside router)
And then traffic would go to the router with a config of:
And traffic would travel over the VPN tunnel and out thru the Vendor router - will this configuration work?
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would it be possible to set the default gateway of the server at the main location to point to the router at the remote location(Internet access will not be required for this server only access is needed to the vendor router).  
I would think the same crypto ACLs would need to be applied.
Is this a viable alternative?  What are implications of doing this?
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As you mentioned earlier, the VPN ASA is also the internet connection at the mainsite.  

When the server goes to send data to the network, how is this traffic able to go over the VPN tunnel to the remote site instead of being sent out to the outside interface(internet) via the default route on the ASA?
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Thank you for the assistance.  This worked great and I appreciate the follow-up to the related questions.
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