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CTRL+Break does not stop code on message box in VB6

bitoboy asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-07
I've been programming in VB6 for years...but I switched to a Latitude D620 laptop. Now for some reason when I'm programming in the VB6 IDE, have a message box appear, then press CTRL+BREAK on my keyboard, the message box disappears but the code does not break in VB6 like it used to.

I tried the Microsoft on-screen keyboard (command line = 'osk'), but it had the same affect.

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VB has never handled stepping and 'Ctrl+Break' well when a modal was involved..
(and Message box modals are one of the worst offenders)
Over 10 years and many PCs, I have seen dozens of truly weird situations.
I don't think there is anything particular about the DELL D620 model, it is more likely specific to your machine. I don't think there is a "solution" to your problem..
It might help to mention what OS you are running.. (Vista and VB6 don't get along too well)
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I forgot to mention the OS I am using is windows XP Pro SP2.


Also, I have not changed OS's...been using XP Pro the whole time...it seems like there must be an explanation why this particular computer with it's software is causing the problem.
bitoboy, I think it could be something to do with keyboard configuration. After playing around with the on-screen-keyboard (Start|Run|osk), I've discovered that Ctrl+Shift+Break breaks to the IDE as you'd like but Ctrl+Break just closed the message box and continues execution. Although I only have a Vista PC to try it on at the moment as I've left my old XP laptop back at the office.


Sadly, CTRL+SHIFT+Break doesn't work, either with the keyboard or OSK. Thx.
Hmm... I don't know what else to suggest then. I've played around with it a bit more on my Vista PC and it seems to be completely erratic as to what action will occur after Ctrl+Break closes a message box. This seems to indicate a timing issue and leads me to wonder whether there is a compatibility problem between the VB6 IDE, modern keyboard hardware and/or the modern OS handling thereof.

A quick Google search has revealed that this problem has been around for years and no easy solution is available... sorry.


Well bugger...OK I guess I have to give up and get clever with the breaks and stops.
Thanks for the points and the grade. I just wish I could have offered you a definitive solution.


That's what I get for using a 10 year old programming environment!
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