Citrix License Server - HTTP 400 Bad Request after reboot

After start the server the Citrix License Managment Console do not start; instead the Bad requiest error apears in the IE.

I change the values under HKEY_LOCAL\Software\Citrix\WMIService\DLL. Each DLL should have a value of 0x1 for Licensed. as per

In the the say maybe is a port conflict between IIS and Citrix XML but I check and the IIS is in port 80 and XML in port:8081.

Also make a telnet localhost 8081 without any problem.

I dont have any other error realted in the windoes event view nor the log text of the LMC.

Any help will be appreciate.

PS: Im thinking: LMC reinstal.
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Rick FeeConnect With a Mentor Messaging Engineer - Disaster Recovery EngineerCommented:
Yes I agree with you 100%.   I have run into this issue a dozen times in the past and just take the lic file and then uninstall LMC and reinstall.  

Or install the latest version License Server 11.6.1
royalfaAuthor Commented:
Thanks EndureKona

I did not reinstal the LMC because the lack of a backup or a return point.

Then we ask for a window time to do the 2 actions:

1. Backup: Take a server image
2. Reinstal the LMC

I give yuo the points. Tanks again and good luck
royalfaAuthor Commented:
Hi Only to share that the installing of the LMC was not the solution.

In the browser the direction was as "local host"  only need to put the IP address and the console works fine.

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