Print web page without its URL at footer

I want to print a web page without printing the URL at the footer of the page.
I think it could be done using JavaScript or JQuery , I'm not sure

hint : i do not want to make the user to make it using browser settings
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Hello mohammedf,

I don't believe it is possible to achieve your requirement.
However, Have you considered to create a print version of your page in PDF format.
This way, there will be no footer.


mohammedfAuthor Commented:
I dont want to make any PDFs , because i don't want to let user to have a copy of the page .

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Check out ScriptX Basic

It supports customized printing capabilities.
mohammedfAuthor Commented:
Thanks for replays , but i do not want to make the client to do such things , i just want to make it ready for him....

any ideas ?

Dear Mohammedf

As far as printing of web pages goes -> Its not easy to controll but

If you have a css for printing the webpage then you can use something like

If not then you are better of using a pdf which you dont want to use - can understand why.

The you can use activex to get the job done -> not easy at all - in this case you will have to install an object in the users system and access it for printing but you situation is that user are printing via the option provided in the browser. So in that case you really cant controll what they print.

Then best option would be create a print html friendly page button and use CSS for printing -> this should do the trick


mohammedfAuthor Commented:
hi AsishRaj:

Thanks for ur answer

>>If not then you are better of using a pdf which you dont want to use - can understand why.

this is because i want the client to print the page just for a spesicfic number of times , so he will not be able to print it whenever he want ,, and if he /she has PDF file , then prinint it n times is a problem for me

Regarding CSS , how can i tell the page that the URL will be in the invisible DIV , the url is appeared only in printing , not in the page it self , ie not in aspx page ,  
What you are trying to achieve can only be done by activex
refer  - Scriptx

There is no other way you can do what you are after.
mohammedfAuthor Commented:
can not we do it using JQuery ???
Sorry, u cannot.

Because we have to access client PC Details in order to do what you want.
Only one option activex otherwise a big no.
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