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How Migrate CRM4 on  SQL 2005 32-bit to SQL 2008 64-bit?

Last Modified: 2012-05-07
I want to Migrate CRM4 from SQL 2005 32-bit to a SQL 2008 64-bit machine.

I made a backup of the old crmdatabe (_MSCRM.mdb, _MSCRMCONFIG.mdb and _ReportServer.mdb) with SQL management studio and exported customizations.

I am about to install CRM now on the new machine. Should I first simply restore the two MSCRM databases in SQL Management studio? Then install using an existing database? Or should I use the CRM4 import option later after installing with a default database? Should I use a redeployment tool (like with upgradng from CRM3) or some other tool or no tool?
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hope you have taken backup .ldf file aslo  for both the data base

and taken backup of all custom report

install sql
restor database  or attach database
then install crm with existing database



Thanks. I tried that but then I get an error reporting missing OU (or department). I'm not sure but I think under CRM3 it was the redeployment tool that solved that by creating the necessary ou's before installing CRM with the existing database. Is there a tool for this in CRM4? I don't find it.
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OK so I start with installing CRM WITHOUT existing database?
yes - reason  you AD guids are all changed  thats why.



And first remove the crm databases that I imported in SQL before ?
just remove MSCRMCONFIG database

put name organisation name as yourorgnametemp

then it will be easier for you


Do I have to start setting up CRM after installation (job roles etc) or does the import organisation wizard deal with that?

By the way where do I find the Deployment manager: inthe CRM program or on the CRM setup CD or in the menu that appears automatically on CD startup (there's something called ; data migratiebeheer (Dutch)?
import organization will take care

this will appear  in menu


Done, Thanks!
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