where can I find syllabus for MCSD .NET C#

I want to find the syllabus - online would be preferable, I would like to see a simple summary of each topic that needs to be covered in each exam .
what is a relaible resource?
I belive the exams are called
70-300 analysis and
(70-315) C# .NET Web Apps
(70-316) C# .NET Windows Apps
(70-320) C# .NET XML Web Services

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Éric MoreauConnect With a Mentor Senior .Net ConsultantCommented:
you can check http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/exams/70-315.mspx

I just want to warn you that those exams are retired.

The current certifications are MCTS and MCPD
DhaestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Like emereau told: retired exams.

Current exams: http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/certification/mcpd.aspx
indikadAuthor Commented:
Thanks very ,much
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