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Fujitsu S7010 Laptop

Last Modified: 2013-11-17
We have received a number of these Laptops. All are locked via the security access panel & will obviously not boot or post until the correct pin number is entered. We have no chance of getting the PIN from the previous corporate client & the charge made by Fujitsu is prohibitive. CAN ANYBODY HELP??
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Have you tried resetting CMOS?  


I did say that this model WILL NOT boot or post unless the correct pin number is entered! - The securiy access panel operates independent to the bios.
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I think the name of this website should be changed! - It is supposed to be Experts-Exchange but they musy all be asleep or have found something better to do! - It has all the difficult questions with a promise of a solution if you register & pay! Pay up only then to find that the same silly replys can be found for free on Google - Conned again!

With all do respect... many people do not know how to search for what they are looking.

I probably speak for more than just my self when I say I do not know everything.  There are many questions where I have had to do some searching on the Internet or look something up in a book.

Anyway, this isn't the place for that.  You have only had two people try and answer your question..give it some time and some more people may stumble upon it.
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Sometimes the correct answer is the one you don't want to hear, like mine above. That's just the way it is, today's Laptops use security chips which prevent you from bypassing. As laptops often get stolen due to the nature of them (they get carried around), the manufacturers have installed features that prevent them from being used by thiefs. This also makes it unattractive to steal laptops, and if the harddisk is also password protected you won't be able to steal other's data.

Unfortunately many who sell their laptops forget to remove these passwords or pass them on to the next owner. And many buyers forget to think about asking (or don't know about this fact).

Dell for instance requires proof of ownership, and then they will give you a master password that is calculated from the model and serial number of the laptop, and also they charge you a fee for this. Most other companies have similar procedures. Some companies even don't have a master password, and they have to change the motherboard or security chip. Only older laptops or those which are meant for non-business use have an easy way to bypass the security.

This also is not a hacker site. Those features are on them for a reason. If it was easy to break, it would not be much of a security feature.

I would go to who you bought them from for the code.


Considering this site is called Experts Exchange & you have posted an "expert" comment your response is unhelpfull to say the least. I could have got all of these useless comments & responses for free on Google but instead I got conned in to paying for the same poor response!

We are not hackers & if you had read my first port that would have been obvious. My Company refurbish ex-corporate equipment & now have over 100 of this particular model simply waiting for the PIN LOCK to be removed. If you were the expert that your title seems to suggest you would also be aware that Fujitsu have no concept of customer service & charge a punitive amount to remove a password but would often simply qoute for a repacement mainboard.

So, we are a few dollars out & will put this waste of time & money down to experience. By the way, where are all of these promised experts? - not one sensible or remotely helpfull comment has been posted!

This site has the greatest collection of individuals with all types of backgrounds. Your first problem is that the the title of your question is poorly written so when "Experts" are looking through to see what they can help with don't have any idea what your question is about. Your second problem is that people have taken time out of their day to try to help you and all you have to offer is insults. If you have a problem with the site then take it up with Experts Exchange, not the people trying to help. 3rd, you have been given sensible responses. You just don't like the answer.

WE may know you're not a random hacker with a stolen notebook, but the security on the laptops you have DO NOT KNOW THAT. The security for the pin lock is designed to presume anyone who doesn't have the pin number shouldn't have access to it.

Simply because the answer isn't what you want to hear - you'll have to deal with Fujitsu - doesn't make the answer any less valid.

You may want to take to Fujitsu's sales division and see if you can get a better deal out of them. I have no idea what Fujitsu charges to unlock a system, but where you're a refurbishment / wholesaler I'm reasonably certain you'll be able to negotiate an arrangement with them.

Or you can continue griping and being bitter, which is often just as good as solving a problem.  Whatever works.
Here's a question for the OP, in response to his tirade.  Why did you purchase over 100 laptops, all with pin-locks, unless you had a solution to the problem?  Sounds to me like misplaced anger, and your real focus should be the pruchasing agent who actually bought the machines.  Also, since you claim to be such a Google expert, im going to have to assume that you tried that avenue first and had no luck.  Either accept the comment thats posted to solve your problem or dont and move on.
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