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HTML eFlyer creation

MidlandR asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2015-01-05

I produced some marketing material in Photoshop Elements for e-mailing out as the body of an e-mail but my client wants this design transferred into HTML and e-mailed out so links to his website can be embedded.

What is the process for doing this?  How do I code something to appear as required in the body?
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whats the extension?

I have full photoshop not elements so what are the save as in elements

is it animation or static image you just need to insert > image into a div wrapper for image placing by css really


It is Photoshop Elements 2 and I usually save images as "Save for Web" to implement them into webpages.  Am I right to assume that there will be an HTML option in there too?

I was wondering how to code something as HTML and get an email client to show it as I require.  I was wondering process I need to do once I have my code prepared.

same in cs4 all the save for web options png, jpg
need to be inserted as an image in dw
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Yeah thanks for the help to date, I did some digging last night on Outlook help areas and it appears I can set in Outlook Options for e-mails to be sent as HTML, I am just wondering still how I make Outlook or the email client reproduce HTML script into the design I have coded up.

Is it just a simple case of entering the HTML script into the body of an e-mail and letting my recipient see the end result or how?

you have to set the mime types as well as inserting the html in the body imho


mime types?  sorry bit of a novice!
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