Cisco software to connect to a switch

What is the standard software authorised by Cisco to connect to a cisco switch.
I can use putty and hyperterminal to connect but when I try and copy the config it does not give me the whole configuration file.
I suspect the Cisco software will enable me to copy the config in full and save it for backup purposes.
fsaiexpertFSAI ExpertAsked:
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namolConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you trying to backup the config? Typically this is done by tftp or ftp.
Here is the Cisco explanation of how to do it. 

You also might want to try the CNA or Cisco Network Assistant software that comes with newer cisco equipment.

Let me know if you have any other questions
Cisco has been pushing its Cisco Network Assistant for this kind of stuff.
fsaiexpertFSAI ExpertAuthor Commented:
Thanks the "Use a Terminal Emulation Program to Backup and Restore a Configuration"  will do it for me!
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