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Google slow and search results look different in Internet Explorer

SupermanTB asked
Last Modified: 2013-12-08
I've got a user that has recently has some malware issues.  I removed the malware using Malwarebytes and now when I do a scan with Malwarebyte or HiJackThis, everything comes up clean.  The problem I have is in Internet Explorer, when the user goes to www.google.com and does a search, the results appear to be valid google search results, but look a little strange.  For example when I perform a search that should bring up a map of business, I see the listing of the businesses, but no map.  The search results also look a little funny with very little information beyond just the webpage name and address.  I'm only having this problem with Interne Explorer.  Everything works fine in Google Chrome.  I originally had IE 7.0 and upgraded to 8.0 and am still experiencing the same problem.  

Is there some setting somewhere for Google that i'm missing.  Any ideas would be appreciated.  Thanks.
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I sounds like some of the IE plugin's got messed up while you were cleaning up the malware.  I woudl suggest finding which plugins you are using and re-installing them.
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I upgraded IE after the malware.  I'll try uninstalling/reinstalling.

I checked out the add-ons for IE and didn't see any that related to Google.  Other than the search engine plugin for IE 8.0.  I didn't see a way to uninstall that.

it's not the search engine but plugin's for the pages that come up in the search engine that I woudl be concerned about.
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This can be done in IE8, or uninstall 8 and reset 7.....


As far as the plugins, what plugins would load after a google search?  

No dice on the Options---advanced----reset.  Although it did seem to fix the problem of the google search taking so long, but it still doesn't display a map.
what map are you trying to display.  Most likely it using flash or shockwave or something.


It's the map that comes up when you google something that has business locations in your area.  For example Home Depot Raleigh, NC.  You get a map from googlemaps.
Not sure what plug-in that uses if any unfortunately.  If you uninstall IE and then reinstall it shoudl prompt you to re-install any plugins that you need have you tried that yet?


I haven't had time to uninstall/reinstall yet. Interesting point though, I can go directly to googlemaps and everything works fine.
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SupermanTB--IE8 has problems viewing many websites.  However if you already had the problem with IE7 then the following will not apply


The uninstall/reinstall fixed the problem.  I uninstalled to IE 6.  I actually still experienced the same problem with IE 6.  I upgraded to IE 8 and my problem was solved.  Thanks for the help.


Uninstalling to IE 6.0 and then reinstalling to 8.0 did fix my problem, but it came back.  I repeated the aforementioned steps, but this time, it didn't help.  I did a little more poking around on the internet and performed a ComboFix.  This appears to have permanently fixed my problem.  
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