Need help configuring a Sonic Wall TZ 170 for SSH

I have little to no experience configuring sonic wall firewalls. I have done port forwarding on Linksys and Netgear routers. We have an Ubuntu system in our office that we would like to connect to remotely via SSH (Putty). Internally we can attach to the router via Putty from another workstation. I have already exported configuration file as a backup. I am looking for a ruff outline of steps needed to get SSH to work. Do I need to configure NAT?  Thanks
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Roachy1979Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi - this should be as simple as a NAT rule on the sonicwall to forward traffic to the Ubuntu box....

Theres a guide here....just substitute with port 22 TCP

To add to this though....exercise extreme caution when opening SSH to the outside world - SSH can give control over a machine and therefore is heavily targeted for attack.  I'd strongly suggest that you think about using key based authentication or at the very least strong passwords.  If at all possible restrict where you permit ssh inbound from, and if this isn't possible, you may also want to consider running ssh on a different port and using fail2ban to automatically ban IP's that persistently fail to authenticate.

I'd read the following: 

before you proceed :)
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