Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 Routing Groups

I have set up an exchange 2007 server and and migrating to an exchange 2003 server.  I moved a few mailboxes over to the new server and the users have reported that they are missing some internal emails.  I found the mail messages int eh Queue Viewer under the "Unreachable Domain" queue.  

I have tried the steps to re-create the routing group connector detailed here:

I also deleted all of the routing group connectors and re-created just one of them.

After that I tried to resubmitt the messages in the queue:

I still have messages in the "Unreachable Domain Queue" that just won't go anywhere.

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aslamsurveConnect With a Mentor Team LeadCommented:
If you check the Queue Viewer & observe a message stuck in "Unreachable Domain Queue"
Error - There is currently no route to the mailbox database, -
Permissions would be missing for Exchange Servers group .........
(1)Open ADSIEDIT.msc ,navigate to the properties of the Exchange 2003 ServerName ie
(Configuration Container->Services-->Microsoft Exchange-><Org name><Administrative
group><First Administrative group> <Servers><Exchange 2003 ServerName>)
2)Click Security tab,Add Exchange Servers Group
3)Enable Allow Permission Entry for Exchange Servers group for the below ones

Access Recipient Update Service
Administrator information store
Create name properties in the information store
Exchange Web Services Impersonation
Exchange Web Services Token Serialization
Modify public folder replica list
Open mail send queue
Read metabase properties
Send As
View Information Store status

4)Click Advance button,enable allow inheritable permissions for Exchange Servers

5)Click ok twice.

6)Restart all the Exchange Services on E2K7 Server
Refer the article for troubleshooting steps
You can also use Exchange Mail Flow Troubleshooter tool to fix this issue.
brentc3114aAuthor Commented:
Tried both of these solutions.  Mail seems to work fine (send receive between Exchange 07 and Exchange 2003 works but I still have 26 messages in the "unreachable" queue on my hub transport server?  Nothing I do seems to make them move on to their destination.  I tried the resume-Queue -Identify "ExchangeHubtransportserver\Unreachable" command but it has no effect?  The messages still stay in that queue.  Incidently, no new messages have made it into the Unreachable queue since I deleted all the routing group connectors and re set them all up.  I also did the security item mentioned in the first post.
SubsunConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try Retry-Queue -Identity "Exchange01\Unreachable" -Resubmit $True
or try Exporting and Resubmitting
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