auto refresh of website not working

user is monitoring bbc scores of cricket game.  this is a poup window that refreshes automatically to show current game scores.  Screen updates at home but does not on the company internet.  Some helpful ideas would be appreciated
wlasnerDirector, ITAsked:
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wlasnerDirector, ITAuthor Commented:
also - if you right click and select "refresh" the scores do update.
Most likely due to the company proxy.

Try hitting CTRL + F5 to refresh, I don't believe there is another way around this.
Make sure javascript is activated, this normaly works when having problems with auto refreshing.
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wlasnerDirector, ITAuthor Commented:
it appears java scriptlets are enabled, isthis what you are refering to? if not, please indicate where in (xP / IE7 or 8) settings this can be found.
I think that was what i was refering to... Do you have a link to the page you are refering to?
You could also try playing with the security settings in IE, setting another secuerty level could posibly help if you have some of the applications the page is using blocked on your company computer.

Allso if the page is using plugins like flash or java, you could try updating your plugins.

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wlasnerDirector, ITAuthor Commented:
the plugin or popup is opening up. it is suppossed to refresh (every minute or when data changes) automatically, same as trl f5 or right click and refresh.  maybe it is an issue with the site itself???
Not having seen the site, i cant tell you much about why it wont refresh, i would realy like a link to the site.
wlasnerDirector, ITAuthor Commented:
It is most likely the web filtering causing the issue, we are investigating - thank you
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