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I have a HP 4600 that is printing only blank pages, test pages, all apps and even config pages.  This is a network printer using the HP UPD ver 4.7.  It was working yesterday morning without issue then after adding another queue (a queue set to non duplex) to the same physical printer it stopped working.  I have removed the new (non duplex) print queue, no change.  I have rebuilt the original print queue, no change.  I have done all the basics, check toner, restart printer, set printer to defaults.  Nothing has helped.  Any suggestions?
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Are you installing this machine on a print server or on your local machine?? I also had some issues with the UPD driver of HP with printing blank pages.. Also, if you add a new printer to a print server, the server loads the "new" drivers if you press ok. If you installed or selected a different driver by accident it could be the dll added with this driver updated your old UDP driver...

If this is not your print server i'd suggest uninstalling the old drivers  via Start --> Settings --> Printers --> File and then tserver properties (press alt if you have Vista :)) and delete the specified driver here.. After that, just restart the machine and open your printer properties.. Normally this will trigger the install of the default drivers for this printer and they should be able to work...

You can also just delete the printer and reinstall it with the UPD driver or just use the specific HP 4600 driver

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CityOfRedmondAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response.  To answer your is installed on the new printer server that is only using the UPD ver 4.7.  I have verified that it is using the UPD 4.7 (I even deleted and re-added using the correct driver).  We had problems with dll's on our old print server and that is why we moved to a new print server using only the UPD 4.7.
I have gone to the server proerties on the PC and removed the drivers and then re-added the printer but that didnt resolve the issue.

I found that the printer will print an email in Plain text format but no other format types.  I still cannot print a test page, config pages or anything from an app using a format other than plain text.
I assume you ran through all possible settings for the printers?? Enabling all advanced feature and all?? If blank pages are printed out, i'd always look into either drivers or setup of the printers on the print server (so not the actual printing device itself).
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CityOfRedmondAuthor Commented:
I have run through all the settings on the driver, compared them to the other 4600 we have in the city and everything is matched up.
Then i'm afraid if have to pass... This is the only thing i can think of when printing blank pages... Either driver or setting issues...

what do you mean with "config pages" - you mean the one from the device itself? (through information menu - print configuration on the device panel?) If these internal pages do print blank as well you have a hardware problem and not a driver problem :=) Maybe worth a try to print the internal pages if you mean something different with config pages.

CityOfRedmondAuthor Commented:
By config pages I an referring to the ones through the information menu (as you asked above).  I would also think that it is a hardware problem but it is able to print anything in plain text, plain text email, notepad.

that is indeed very strange. I only had a similar case once a couple of years back when my customer used a bad parallel cable, text was printing fine, but condensed data transmissions of graphics did not.

Sounds like the device can't print in color anymore maybe and only b/w files will print? (I think the 4600 was one of the devices which had color on the internal information pages).

You could try the following to further identify the root cause
- reset the device (cold reset, see below)
- reseat the color cartridges or try cartridges from a working device. Make sure the seal has been removed from the cartridges.
- take that queue, print to file, send the file to the other 4600 by ftp or use the print function on the embedded webserver to verify the driver did create the file correctly.
- take that queue, change the port to another printer which can understand the same language according to the driver you use (pcl5, 6 or PostScrip)
- replace the network card & cable, take it from another hp device if possible
- Use the diagnostics menu "pq troubleshooting" and "disable cartridge check"

To perform a cold reset
1 Turn the printer on.
2 As the printer performs its power-on sequence, press and hold the green checkmark button until all three lights on the control panel are lit, then release.
3 When SELECT LANGUAGE appears on the display, press the up key until COLD RESET appears on the
4 Press the green checkmark button - The printer will perform a cold reset and then continue its power-on sequence.
CityOfRedmondAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your help guys.  I cant say that any one thing fixed the issue.  The thing that seemed to work was setting the printer to default gray scale and then setting back to color, it has worked correctly now for the past 2 days.  It was one of the weirdest issues I have dealt with and hope to avoid dealing with one like it in the future!
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