Cisco 6509

We use Cisco 6509 switch. When i login via console to the switch mode is showing as <hostname-sp>

Following  log was there is the switch
%OIR-SP-6-CONSOLE: Changing console ownership to switch processor

What is the meaning of this error ? What can be the reasons for this error ?
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JanScConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Switch processor is normally engaged during startup (Rommon boot). It hands over to router as soon as boot has finished.

When in normal operation the switch processor takes control it means that a software crash has occured. Could be on supervisor, but in switch as well.

Look at your log files, and see what sub process caused this error.
Seems like your sw went in to Rommon mode also could be bad registry on process (CPU), Could you please post other logs?
try "quit", or a few control-C's. this looks like a session has been started from the msfc to the supervisor, hence the -sp prompt. (sp=switch processor)
SrikantRajeevAuthor Commented:
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