Windows 2003 DHCP server

I need to shutdown my DHCP to move it to another rack. WHen i shut it down will my dhcp clients lose their ip address? I guess only when a new client boots up while the server is down they will not get a response.
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No, they will not lose their addresses.

Your last statement is correct...if your DHCP server is off, your clients can not renew their address nor will a new host be able to get a DHCP lease
Correct, so long as the DNS isn't on the same server, you'll be ok minus new clients booting up.
Do you have multiple servers? How is DNS configured? A nice practice to avoid this type of issue is to split your DHCP scope between two servers. Clients requesting an address will always be able to get an address even if there is an issue or you have planned maintenance.

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mrbrain646Author Commented:
what if the client has a dhcp lease that will expire 2 weeks for now and i shut the server down.
When that client reboots will they get the same ip or will it ask dhcp server for a new lease

As long as your server is online when the request is made, the client *should* receive the same address.  Shutting down/restarting has no effect on this.
I should clarify...

"Shutting down/restarting has no effect on this."

As far as the server is concerned
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