A good aproach to write test cases


Our company is a small one. So we don't have a good testing process here.
I want  to know what is the industrial standard process on testing specially test case writing.
let's say we are targeting to CMMI level 3 or so.

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Ok, kind of complex to answer at once.

Since you have mentioned the CMMI level, i think, i should start form beginning. Starting form test case writing is already middle way!

Normally testing is starting with the SRS creation. With the SRS, QA lead should prepare the Test Plan.
I think you are familiar with the test plan elements. I will focus on the process. Standard procedure is once the Test paln is done, the lead should review it. The test plan should be reviewed according to the predefined standards. These standards should be available in some shared place to every ones reference.

Let's say the test plan has to be modified , each time the test plan modified, QA lead should be keep the versions. then reviewed and approved it.

When the test plans done, now what you are looking, test case creation. Again, You have to follow the test plan and SRS. use the methodologies, tools mentioned in the test plan, then test case should cover the SRs, use cases if need refer the architecture document as well. (test case creation, you can use many methodologies, which have to be discussed in a separate thread if you want :) ) How ever, It is good if you are using a version controlling system over test cases. before the test case creation, the testers must be well known about the SRS , the system, and what are the areas to be automated and not. Let's say if you have gone through test case writing. Then this should be pear review, then final review and approved.

Again, the test case review standards should be predefined ion a shared place and the test cases should be review according to this check list.

Now it comes to testing. Testing will be manual or autoamte depends on the test cases you have. important thing is test results reporting. This should be very clear and if need use the graphs and clearly mention the risk factors. test results should be in a shared location for future access.

I just went through a high level process activities which covered test plan creation to testing,. Not sure if this is what you are looking. Feel free to ask if you have any more thing to be clarify.


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Suveer PatilQA AnalystCommented:
You can check my comments in the link

i think this is sufficient for you to get some idea about QA/Testing process, test plan and test cases

sadi77Author Commented:
@MaduKp: Got the details i have looked for. understood the flow test plan to test execution. Now i have separate questions.
You say get reviewed the test plan and test cases. How this should be done?
I don't understand why we need to follow the architecture document when test case creation. We only follow the SRS. I think it should be enough?
Tools, what are the tools we can use to test web pages?

@suveer_patil: Good information, Thanks but not in the way i am looking for.

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Suveer PatilQA AnalystCommented:
You have to write test cases by looking at the SRS document and Prototype or FSD document.
we are writing test cases by referring only these documents some times by looking at use cases also.

review in the sense suppose if 'x' person written the test cases then it should be reviewed by some other person say 'y'
because there is a chance that 'x' may have not covered some functionality or he may wrongly written some cases.
in that case 'y' or the reviewer can catch this and then the test cases can be updated.

by this the chances of missing some requirements will be less.
so in this case test coverage will be good.
so by this review process will help which is applicable for both test plan and the test suite (set of test cases)

Hope you are clear now or you can ask your requirements with clear picture. so that we can help.

Well, Seems like It's deviating form the original question. How ever i will answer to your questions.

1. Reviewing:
Test Plan / Test case review - If someone is writing the test plan / cases, then sharing it with some other person.That person  will be in your project / not in your project. This person have to go through your test cases against pre-defined check list.
Ex1: For tets plan the check list may include
- Is the version history maintained?
- Is the test scope defined?
- are the risks identified?

Ex2 : For Test cases the check list may be include
- Linked to the Requirement correctly (for this review you must have person who have a  good idea on the project)
- Are the test steps detail enough
- Is the spellings / grammar is correct

review may be pear review / final review. Depends on the review feedback, the test plan or test cases have to be modified and assign a new version.

2. Why we need architecture doc?
generally tets cases are designed based on the SRS use cases. But in some projects, we are getting the UI (prototypes) separately. In that case, you have to refer those for UI testing. BUt in some cases, There are situations taht SRS and prototypes not enough.

Ex: Suppose you have a requirement where a new field is introducing to an existing application window. This field have some certain properties, and it is populating form a calculation witch is refereeing some DB fields.
Now you don't have enough data in the SRS to write a good test case to test this filed. But though the architecture doc, still you can find the table structures and relations which helps you to write the query for this particular calculation, I have come across many situations like this. In that example, some times Architecture doc may have described well, what are the properties of that filed (ex: field width, validations, any limitations, default values, etc:) some times, which is not covered in the SRS.

3. Web tools you mean?
Well, we are using Visual studio 208 team system ,which included a good web test tool. You can find my comments in other answers if you really interest on VSTS, or just ask me, Then i can help you.
How ever, here is a good resource to referring web test tools.

Please feel free to ask if you have any more to clarify.


sadi77Author Commented:
Thanks Experts fr your valuable inputs.
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