Overlapping private subnets on b2b tunnel

How do we define interesting traffic on an b2b tunnel with overlapping private subnets.Please see the jpg file attached.
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What router do you have? Is altering the segment on one side out of the question?

You have to mask the LAN IPs for the purpose of the VPN.
Side A for the purpose of outgoing traffic need to pretend as though it is a different IP segment and the same for site B.

have a look at the link below where it discusses on to setup a site-to-site VPN between sites that have overlaping segments.



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Nat the traffic first, then the interesting traffic is defined by the natted IP addresses. NAT has to happen on both sides.
I2 nats to
Lenovo nats to

I2 defines interesting traffic:
 access-list 101 permit ip

Lenovo is mirror image
 access-list 101 permit ip

harish_a4uAuthor Commented:
Thanks Irmoore and arnold.I will try this in my lab.
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