Need expert to look at imap PHP code

Posted on 2009-07-09
Last Modified: 2012-05-07
Can someone look at the code below and tell me why my variables always end up null?  The email message does exist, I'm sure of it.

function getmsg($mbox,$mid) {

    // input $mbox = IMAP stream, $mid = message id

    // output all the following:

    global $htmlmsg,$plainmsg,$charset,$attachments;

    // the message may in $htmlmsg, $plainmsg, or both

    $htmlmsg = $plainmsg = $charset = '';

    $attachments = array();

    // HEADER

    $h = imap_header($mbox,$mid);


    // add code here to get date, from, to, cc, subject...

    // BODY

    $s = imap_fetchstructure($mbox,$mid);


    if (!$s->parts)  // not multipart

        getpart($mbox,$mid,$s,0);  // no part-number, so pass 0

    else {  // multipart: iterate through each part

        foreach ($s->parts as $partno0=>$p)




function getpart($mbox,$mid,$p,$partno) {

    // $partno = '1', '2', '2.1', '2.1.3', etc if multipart, 0 if not multipart

    global $htmlmsg,$plainmsg,$charset,$attachments;


    $data = ($partno)?

        imap_fetchbody($mbox,$mid,$partno):  // multipart

        imap_body($mbox,$mid);  // not multipart

    // Any part may be encoded, even plain text messages, so check everything.

    if ($p->encoding==4)

        $data = quoted_printable_decode($data);

    elseif ($p->encoding==3)

        $data = base64_decode($data);

    // no need to decode 7-bit, 8-bit, or binary


    // get all parameters, like charset, filenames of attachments, etc.

    $params = array();

    if ($p->parameters)

        foreach ($p->parameters as $x)

            $params[ strtolower( $x->attribute ) ] = $x->value;

    if ($p->dparameters)

        foreach ($p->dparameters as $x)

            $params[ strtolower( $x->attribute ) ] = $x->value;


    // Any part with a filename is an attachment,

    // so an attached text file (type 0) is not mistaken as the message.

    if ($params['filename'] || $params['name']) {

        // filename may be given as 'Filename' or 'Name' or both

        $filename = ($params['filename'])? $params['filename'] : $params['name'];

        // filename may be encoded, so see imap_mime_header_decode()

        $attachments[$filename] = $data;  // this is a problem if two files have same name


    // TEXT

    elseif ($p->type==0 && $data) {

        // Messages may be split in different parts because of inline attachments,

        // so append parts together with blank row.

        if (strtolower($p->subtype)=='plain')

            $plainmsg .= trim($data) ."\n\n";


            $htmlmsg .= $data ."<br><br>";

        $charset = $params['charset'];  // assume all parts are same charset



    // Many bounce notifications embed the original message as type 2,

    // but AOL uses type 1 (multipart), which is not handled here.

    // There are no PHP functions to parse embedded messages,

    // so this just appends the raw source to the main message.

    elseif ($p->type==2 && $data) {

        $plainmsg .= trim($data) ."\n\n";



    if ($p->parts) {

        foreach ($p->parts as $partno0=>$p2)

            getpart($mbox,$mid,$p2,$partno.'.'.($partno0+1));  // 1.2, 1.2.1, etc.



	$ServerName = "{localhost:143/notls}";

	$UserName = "";

	$PassWord = "password";

	$mbox = imap_open($ServerName, $UserName,$PassWord) or die("Could not open Mailbox - try again later!"); 


	echo "<br>--------------------------------------------------<br>";


	echo "<br>--------------------------------------------------<br>";


	echo "<br>--------------------------------------------------<br>";


	echo "<br>--------------------------------------------------<br>";


	echo "<br>--------------------------------------------------<br>";



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My mailbox was corrupt, it's working now.

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