SumByColor is not working

Posted on 2009-07-09
Last Modified: 2012-08-14
I am using this formula to sum the values of the tan cells in the identified range but all I get for the value is #NAME?

=SumByColor(B2:B34, 40)
Question by:SpyderGST1

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I don't think there is a function in Excel called SumByColor. There is how ever a function that I located at (

You would need this in the Macro section first for this function to work.
Function SumByColor(InputRange As Range, ColorRange As Range) As Double

' returns the sum of each cell in the range InputRange that has the same

' background color as the cell in ColorRange

' example: =SumByColor($A$1:$A$20,B1)

' range A1:A20 is the range you want to sum

' range B1 is a cell with the background color you want to sum

Dim cl As Range, TempSum As Double, ColorIndex As Integer

    ' Application.Volatile ' this is optional

    ColorIndex = ColorRange.Cells(1, 1).Interior.ColorIndex

    TempSum = 0

    On Error Resume Next ' ignore cells without values

    For Each cl In InputRange.Cells

        If cl.Interior.ColorIndex = ColorIndex Then 

            TempSum = TempSum + cl.Value

        End If

    Next cl

    On Error GoTo 0

    Set cl = Nothing

    SumByColor = TempSum

End Function

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Hi SpyderGST1,
This is a UDF created by Chip Pearson.  It will sum values by interior color (among other things).

Let me know if you have questions on how to implement.

Function SumColor(TestRange As Range, SumRange As Range, _

    ColorIndex As Long, Optional OfText As Boolean = False) As Variant


' SumColor

' This function returns the sum of the values in SumRange where

' the corresponding cell in TestRange has a ColorIndex (of the

' Font is OfText is True, or of the Interior is OfText is omitted

' or False) equal to the specified ColorIndex. TestRange and

' SumRange may refer to the same range. An xlErrRef (#REF) error

' is returned if either TestRange or SumRange has more than one

' area or if TestRange and SumRange have differing number of

' either rows or columns. An xlErrValue (#VALUE) error is

' returned if ColorIndex is not a valid ColorIndex value.

' If ColorIndex is 0, xlColorIndexNone is used if OfText is

' False or xlColorIndexAutomatic if OfText is True. This allows

' the caller to specify 0 for no color applied.


Dim D As Double

Dim N As Long

Dim CI As Long

Application.Volatile True

If (TestRange.Areas.Count > 1) Or _

    (SumRange.Areas.Count > 1) Or _

    (TestRange.Rows.Count <> SumRange.Rows.Count) Or _

    (TestRange.Columns.Count <> SumRange.Columns.Count) Then

    SumColor = CVErr(xlErrRef)

    Exit Function

End If


If ColorIndex = 0 Then

    If OfText = False Then

        CI = xlColorIndexNone


        CI = xlColorIndexAutomatic

    End If


    CI = ColorIndex

End If

Select Case CI

    Case 0, xlColorIndexAutomatic, xlColorIndexNone

        ' ok

    Case Else

        If IsValidColorIndex(ColorIndex:=ColorIndex) = False Then

            SumColor = CVErr(xlErrValue)

            Exit Function

        End If

End Select

For N = 1 To TestRange.Cells.Count

    With TestRange.Cells(N)

    If OfText = True Then

        If .Font.ColorIndex = CI Then

            If IsNumeric(.Value) = True Then

                D = D + .Value

            End If

        End If


        If .Interior.ColorIndex = CI Then

            If IsNumeric(.Value) = True Then

                D = D + .Value

            End If

        End If

    End If

    End With

Next N


SumColor = D

End Function

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by:Chris Bottomley
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Hello SpyderGST1,

The error message suggests you have the function in the wrong place .. it should reside in a normal code module i.e. NOT a class, worksheet or workbook code module


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