VB.Net OleDbDataReader Vs SqlDataReader

In ASP.Net (3.5)

What is the main difference between  
OleDbDataReader  Vs  SqlDataReader    ?
- performance, versatility, syntax.

Does it make a difference when the Connection in web.config is using providerName="System.Data.SqlClient"
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Hi dennisdominic,
All documentation of microsoft says that you should use SqlDataReader when you connect to a SQL Server database and OleDbDataReader when you connect to a database that doesn´t have a specific data provider (like access databases).
Because all DataReaders, including the OleDbDataReader, the SqlDataReader, and other managed provider's DataReaders implement the same IDataReader interface, they should all provide the same base set of functionality.
If your config is using System.Data.SqlClient, you are using a SQL Server database, so you should use SqlDataReader, that Microsoft recomends.

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dennisdominicAuthor Commented:
Does it provide more flexibility in the Code to use OleDbDataReader, if I may change from SQL Server to other Database?
Exactly. It is the benefit of using OleDbDataReader: you can change of database type (SQL Server, Oracle, Access, MySQL, etc) without any changes to your code, just to your connection string.
But, if your application will use only one database, it´s better to use a specialized data provider.
dennisdominicAuthor Commented:
Will it be better performance wise if I use SqlDataReader on SQL Server?
All documentation says that. I use OleDb classes, cause my applications always have to work with several databases, and never had problems with performance.
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