BGP Route advertisement out of backup router

Good day fellow Networkers,

We have BGP configured on a primary and back up router at one of our sites that iare connected to the same ISP (seperate circuits).  We have created a new subnet and sub interface on the backup router and would like all LAN traffic in the new subnet to use the back up router when leaving the site.  We also need to ensure that the Primary router is not aware of the new subnet and that any external taffic destined for the new subnet does not transverse the Primary router.

Any suggestions?
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Jan SpringerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What router (cisco, juniper, etc).  

If Cisco, use default route/gateway on the downstream device with route-maps on the primary router directing traffic from the LAN to the other router.
reconriderAuthor Commented:
Thanks Jesper.  I should of mentioned that it was a cisco device.
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