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PHP Manual Installation

They are saying in the manual that the PHP ZIP package for php 5.3.0 you download contains the following files which are required for installing:


But I don't have these files in the zip package I download.
Instead I have these:

Can I download these the previous files separately from net? Will it work?

I have downloaded php5isapi.dll separately and have used php.ini-development as php.ini and performed the other steps in the manual.

I stopped the IIS by using:
net stop iisadmin

But when I start the IIS again by using:
net start w3svc

I get an error which is shown in the attached screenshot:
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1 Solution
The least i can tell you is that you dont have to get another php.ini.

Just rename one of the following files:

php.ini-development => If your running your server at home, not for production
php.ini-production => If your running a production server (not likely)

So in your case: rename php.ini-development  to php.ini and see what happens

puneetdudejaAuthor Commented:

Just read the question carefully before posting comments.
I have done that only (Changed php.ini-development to php.ini)
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puneetdudejaAuthor Commented:
I have done all the steps from the manual in your first link only.
Read through your php.ini and make sure got all the paths right. Did you install mysql as well?
puneetdudejaAuthor Commented:
The package I downloaded had the files that were different from the ones written in the manual specification on the php.net site.

I downloaded a little older version of the package and it installed properly and everything was working from then on.

Thanks all for your help.
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